Nov 112004
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Topic 1: You know, NBA players have it rough. They make millions

of dollars, play basketball for a living and get all kinds of women

hanging all over them. Five games into the season and Ron Artest is

a little tired. He needs a break. That’s understandable, right?

He’s about to release a rap CD, clearly this guy is just all kinds

of busy.

Baker: Recording a record is tough business, especially when you

have to go play afterwards.

Bondy: Artest is a joke. You can take Artest, Terrell Owens and

Maurice Clarrett and put them where they belong, World Wrestling

Entertainment. They’re nothing but drama.

Baker: He had a great quote, “I was ready to take some time off,

at least like a month off, but two games is enough.”

Bondy: I hate to say it but the guy has talent. If he didn’t,

he’d be long gone.

Topic 2: The Steelers seem to be sitting atop the NFL power

rankings, followed by the Patriots and Eagles. But who is the

fourth best team in the league?

Bondy: I’m going with the Colts because they have the best

offense in football.

Baker: Definitely the Atlanta Falcons because Michael Vick is

the best athlete in football.

Bondy: Sorry Bronco fans, your team is not the fourth best. With

key losses to Cincinnati, Jacksonville and an embarrassing display

against Atlanta, they don’t deserve anything better than


Baker: There’s definitely a big drop-off after those first three

teams. Denver is in the second tier of the league.

Topic 3: Q and A Lightning Round?

Baker: What happened to Utah in the BCS?

Bondy: They got screwed, robbed and ruined.

Bondy: Will the Yankees acquire my MVP Adrian Beltran?

Baker: Yes, they do what they want.

Baker: Better movie? “Team America: World Police” or “Napoleon


Bondy: Napoleon Dynamite because he looks just like Baker’s


Bondy: Skiing or snowboarding?

Baker: Skiing. Snowboarding is for people who think skiing is

too hard.

Baker: College football game of the week is Georgia at Auburn,

who wins?

Bondy: I pray to the football gods that Auburn gets romped.

Bondy: Second best game of the week: the McNeese State Cowboys

versus the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks. Who wins?

Baker: I’m pretty sure a Lumberjack can beat up a Cowboy.

Baker: Should Nuggets head coach Jeff Bzdelik be given the boot

after a 1-4 start?

Bondy: Yes. They have too much talent to start that bad. He

better get things going fast.


Topic 4: The sixth (CSU) and seventh (UNLV) ranked teams in the

Mountain West face off this Saturday at Hughes Stadium for the

Rams’ last home game of the year. Both teams aren’t looking so good

lately. Now with nothing to play for but pride, will the Rams go

balls to the wall and win?

Baker: The weather will undoubtedly be a factor.

Bondy: UNLV has a strong running game and CSU has a weak running

defense. That equals, bad news bears.

Baker: Walter Matthau.

Bondy: I think the Rammies have trouble in the snow and go down

by a score of 21-13.

Baker: The Runnin’ Rebels will be running all over CSU. UNLV

will win 27-10.

Closing statements and words to the wise:

Bondy: If you want to see some quality football games this


Baker: Come watch the Collegian kick the crap out of KCSU and

CTV this Sunday at noon on the intramural fields.

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