To the editor:

Nov 102004


I just wanted to congratulate Vince Adams on his “Divide and

conquer” article in the Collegian Wednesday. He summed up my

feelings exactly. I am so sick of other people saying to me, “Well,

(President) Bush won, so now we need to support him, no matter what

side we are on.”

Wrong! I will not support a liar and a cheat. Bush continues to

ruin the democracy this country was based on. If anything, the

results of this election have only fueled my dissent.

Americans need to stop voting for the “moral values” of their

candidate and instead look at what the candidate’s actions have

been in the past. As one professor put it very clearly to me,

Americans base their vote on “Who do you like more? Who would you

rather drink a beer with? Not on who would

make a better president.”

Maybe following the resignations of Ashcroft, Evans, Powell,

etc, Bush will resign, too. We could only be so lucky.

Courtney Harwell

Junior Technical Journalism

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To the editor:

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Nov 102004

This is in response to Adam Bird’s letter about the recently

passed Amendment 35. I, a nonsmoker, voted yes on this amendment

because I do believe that I will benefit from it. That’s what

voting is about. I’m not going to vote for something that won’t

benefit me. Whatever my reasons may be, if I believe it will

benefit me, then I am going to vote yes. Also, the amendment

passed. That means that the majority of the population thought it

would benefit them. If the majority thinks that way, then isn’t it

for the common good of the people?

I do agree with you that this won’t cause all current smokers to

quit smoking. But I do believe the anti-tobacco campaigns will stop

people from smoking to begin with. It might not stop everyone, but

stopping some people is better than stopping no one. The tax also

goes into health care, which smokers use more than the nonsmoker

population. According to,$50

billion was spent in hospitals for smoking-related illnesses. That

is a large amount of money and being a nonsmoker, I think smokers

should pay some of the cost for their health care.

Maybe smokers will cut out other things to pay for their

addiction and that’s their own personal choice, but when it comes

to their families suffering because of it, they need to rethink

their priorities and make the right choice.

Michael Manning

Junior Microbiology

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To the editor:

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Nov 102004

Regarding your story on adjunct professors, I know many

personally and have been taught by some great ones, and yet every

semester I witness the same heartache. They don’t know if they will

have a job this semester, and when they do find out, it is always

at the last minute. They are treated like temp workers, where they

have no job security, no health benefits, the wages are low and so

is the morale – always. Yet these professors still work hard and

put their hearts into a job they obviously love, because it isn’t

for the money. I am always impressed by these professors and

respect the amount of effort they give to a system that does not

seem to offer the proper thanks in return.

I graduated with an English degree at CSU and always witnessed a

high level of professionalism and real caring in that department. I

hope they can do the right thing for a group of dedicated teachers

who deserve more than the usual methods used by companies to pay

employees the least they can and keep their professional status

closer to that of a beggar.

I encourage anyone who feels this is an important issue to send

letters to the English department and let them know how you feel.

The adjunct teachers need our support, and now is the time to

advocate for their cause. Your letters, if nothing else, will let

them know that they are appreciated by the community, if not by the

human resources department at CSU.

Eddie Arthur

Class of 1994

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To the editor:

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Nov 102004

I am fairly liberal, but when reading the elegantly written

letter to the editor by Dan Nifong, my views have to change. I mean

I enjoy eating candy in my sandbox as much as the next Democrat,

but you are absolutely right we need to grow up! It is about time

that we Democrats hang up our hopes and dreams and concentrate on

the key issues such as how we can make the Islamic world (and the

rest of the world for that matter) more like us. Iraq was just a

start. The world was singing our praises after our liberation

crusade, but I think we can do more. Next stop Palestine! On the

home front, my mom loves the extra time each week she has to spend

making sure no child is left behind. The students enjoy that their

education being dummied down to the least common denominator. I

used to think Alaska was a beautiful place, but now I think Alaska

is just an untapped oil field. So thank you Republicans. I look

forward to another four years of peace and harmony in the world. I

am sure we will have another four years of plane-free buildings!

(Don’t worry I don’t count the planes flying into the buildings on

Sept. 11, 2001, as happening during Bush’s presidency either) If

anyone doesn’t agree, don’t tell us this is a free country and we

have the right to free speech (on the condition that it completely

agrees with the norm).

Eric Hazlett

Senior, physics major

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To the editor:

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Nov 102004

I feel so sorry for what happened to poor little Karen Johnson

in her letter to the Collegian. I think it’s terrible that while

she was “exercising her democratic right to speak my mind,”

somebody of the opposing viewpoint decided to exercise her right,

too. Democrats and their friends have been calling Republicans

names forever. An English paper recently said that everybody who

voted for President Bush was “so dumb.” Barbra Streisand said that

Republicans are witches. Chris Heinz called Bush a crackhead. Nancy

Pelosi, the House minority leader, said the job of Democrats now is

to save the world from Republicans. These are just a few examples

of liberals calling conservatives names. This in no way represents

just how often conservatives are forced to listen to criticism from

the media, entertainment industry and the education community. And

don’t forget about Michael Moore’s blatant disrespect of

conservatives. But, Karen, I am so sorry that somebody called you

young and naive. That must have been very horrific. Winston

Churchill once said, “If you’re not liberal by 20, you have no

heart. If you’re not conservative by 40 you have no mind.” However,

being young in no way excuses the bad decision you made by voting

for Sen. John Kerry. I’m 22 and I was able to make a good decision

and voted for W. I was even smart enough to vote for Bush when I

was 18.

Brad Gerler

Senior, history

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