Nov 102004
Authors: Chris Kampfe

Passing the Torch – Much like completion of a presidential term,

your candidate may or may not have gotten re-elected. Regardless,

the exhilaration and anticipation for a new leader is always

something to get excited about.

Getting out on Top- Phish left the market while they were on top

of their game. To see such a great band try and drag out their

career (think Creedence Clearwater Reunion tours minus John Fogerty

or any other original members for that matter) is about as

entertaining as watching “Laguna Beach.”

The Economy- With all these Phisheads not on tour any more,

there will be a surplus of 20-somethings jumping back into the job

market and contributing to the economy by spending their money on

things other than “ganja goo-balls” and parking lot grilled


Divergence – Though Phish may not be playing any more shows

together, the side projects of its respective members have proven

to be a satisfying outlet to the band members and fans alike.

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