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Nov 102004

Band: Tears for Fears

Album: “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending”

By Amanda Huerter, DJ

Growing up as a child of the ’80s it was inevitable that one

would hear a Tears for Fears song and the retro British band has

proven that they are here to stay. With industrialized hit songs

from the 1980s like, “Broken” and “Shout,” anticipation has been

built up for the release of Tears for Fears’ newest album,

“Everybody Loves a Happy Ending” and their upcoming tour that hits

Colorado in November.

The new album has redefined Tears For Fears’ old, electronic and

intense sound. Now only a few songs are reminiscent of their

previously dark lyrics. The album has a ’70s-inspired rock ‘n’ roll

feel. A lot of songs sound much like the Beatles late in their

career or the more recent Flaming Lips. Like most of the album, the

title track, “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending,” has an upbeat sound

reminiscent of Pink Floyd/”Dark Side of the Moon” which may

alienate some fans because of the major departure from their

original music.

This album is a portrait of an evolving musical group, who are

trying to stay relevant in the music industry today but still

keeping true to their musical identity. Though it may not be

similar to older music it will definitely put a smile on your face.

The calming and up-beat nature of the music makes it a great

pick-me-up for the ever-so-soon and looming finals week.

*Casey Cisneros contributed to this review.

Band: The Firebird Band

Album: The City at Night

By Tucker Gumber, training director DJ

Once you put this album in you are brought into the world of

Christopher Broach and John Isberg, two Chicago boys who play all

the instruments, sing and mix the songs on their sixth album

release, “The City at Night.” Their world is made when you take

large doses of guitar, bass and drums and then overdose on the

synthesizer. If Hot Hot Heat’s emo-dance sound and the Faint’s

synthesized beats reproduced, The Firebird Band would be their

illegitimate child.

The Firebird Band has been very busy since their formation in

1998 coming out with six albums. This new album brings 14

full-length songs to the table for you to get your dance on. The

highlight of the new album is the song “Gift” which leaves the

listener enchanted by mellow vocals while being completely

surrounded by the keyboard/synthesizer. The band normally includes

Broach and Isberg exclusively but they added a full band for their

touring schedule, including Jess Gronewald, former KCSU DJ.

Gronewald now plays the keyboard and sings for the band. The

Firebird Band is currently on tour and will be coming to Denver

this Thursday at Hi-Dive, 7 S. Broadway.

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