Nov 102004
Authors: Kathryn Dailey

CSU Police Department responded to a fire at 3:27 p.m. Wednesday

in the Physiology Building.

“I saw smoke billowing from the ceiling and I thought this was

the real thing,” said Debbie Barlin, a biomedical sciences

administrator. “I called 911 and got out.”

The fire started on the second floor near the women’s bathroom.

It was caused by an emergency back-up light transformer, which is a

back-up light system that activates when the central light system

goes out so people see in the building and get out safely, said

officer Bret Wagner of the CSU Police Department.

There was no harm to the building, but the emergency back-up

light transformer was damaged.

Wagner said everyone in the building was evacuated for about 15


No foul play is suspected.

“The fire was mechanical, not arson,” Wagner said.

Collegian photojournalist Steve Rydzon contributed to this


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