Nov 102004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Friday a few hundred people came to the Center for Fine Art

Photography to see the grand opening of the center’s first exhibit

in its new location, 201 S. College Ave.

The exhibit will be running through Nov. 27 and features photos

that blur the line between fine art photography and


Nine newspapers from the Front Range are represented, said Larry

Padgett, executive director of the center.

Each photo is different from the rest, but all are examples of

artistic photojournalism.

“A good photojournalistic picture is a good fine art picture,”

said R.J. Sangosti a photographer from the Loveland Reporter-Herald

who has one photo in the show.

Megara Kastner, a Fort Collins resident who attended the grand

opening, said the journalistic aspect of the images evoked more

feeling than pure art photography.

“It’s real life. It’s in the moment,” Kastner said.

The show contains a large variety of pictures; every part of the

news is represented, from the war in Iraq to dance recitals in

Colorado. Padgett is proud of the diverse topics represented in the


“This is the first time I’ve come to something like this, but

I’m having fun,” said Eric Canomile, a junior at Rocky Mountain

High School.

Canomile particularly enjoyed the war images.

The crowd at the opening was as diverse as the images. Families

and students made up a large part of the crowd.

“My favorite is of George W. Bush doing this,” said 8-year-old

Matt Clough as he flexed his arm, mirroring an image of Bush and a

cadet at the 2004 Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. Clough was

having fun with his grandmother and sister at the exhibit and

enjoyed the pictures almost as much as he enjoyed the kiwi from the

refreshment table.

“The Center for Fine Art Photography is the only organization

dedicated exclusively to promoting fine art photography,” Padgett


The exhibit is the first for the center in its new, permanent

home, the third floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Old

Town. Volunteers have been working since June to renovate the

location so could be ready for the exhibit. The new location

includes a digital lab donated by CSU.

Padgett was pleased with the turnout for opening night and was

impressed that most people were taking the time to really look at

each picture.


For more information about the Center for Fine Art Photography

or the current exhibit check out

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