To the editor:

Nov 092004

In reading the Collegian prior to the election it became obvious

the biased political stance of the paper. While this was upsetting,

it is something I am very used to seeing in American media and so I

shrugged it off and continued to voice my own opinions. However,

J.P. Eichmiller’s column requires a response. Instead of trying to

unite a deeply divided country, as both candidates have proposed,

J.P. has only added to the strife and discord between the two

sides. Saying that Sept. 11, 2001, was the best thing to happen to

Bush’s political career was quite an ignorant statement. Sept. 11

was one of the worst days in the history of our country, and to

accuse our commander in chief of taking advantage of that loss for

personal benefit is a low blow. Many post-election reports and

analysts have said repeatedly that moral values, not the war on

terrorism, were what brought Bush his victory. Instead of America

“sounding like a bumbling idiot,” as your column states, it has

raised its voice in support of a man who will defend the unborn,

protect the sanctity of marriage and keep “under God” in the

pledge. The same can be said for Marilyn Musgrave: She supports

moral values, made it one of her major campaign promises and was

supported by 144,000 voters. Most of those votes were not “radical

conservatives.” The voters who supported her as well as George W.

knew they were voting for a renewed emphasis on the moral fiber of

America. Morality matters and this election proved that.

Riley Hestermann

Freshman, business administration

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To the editor:

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Nov 092004

I would like to be the first one to thank the CSU Young

Democrats for all of their hard work this past election season.

I came here last year, and there was no group. I thought this

was a very conservative campus. Fortunately, I was wrong. And under

the impression of the former leaders, they told me that there was a

lack of interest. I stayed positive and optimistic while starting

the group, and now our membership is exceeding 800 members.

We definitely made our impression on CSU this year with the

rather large red donkey, tabling in all sorts of weather

conditions, and the hours upon hours of canvassing, phone banking

and any other volunteer work that you put in.

While I was in Denver for the election party, I was constantly

being told by the Kerry/Edwards campaign that we had the best

rallies of all of the Colorado colleges and universities! Thank


I was so bummed (as I am sure many of you were/are) on Wednesday

morning, but once I saw the results – in the Lory Student Center

voting polling place, the Democrats took each candidate 2-1, while

Stan Matsunaka had a 3-1 race. We made our impact.

We had success – Ken Salazar, Colorado House and Senate, Bob

Bacon, Angie Paccione and Karen Wagner.

Now it is our turn to remain positive for the next four years –

2008 will be here before we know it!

I wish you all the best and thanks again.

Ashleigh McBeth

Senior, political science major

President, CSU Young Democrats

Vice President, College Democrats of Colorado

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To the editor:

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Nov 092004


I am fairly liberal, but when reading the elegantly written

letter to the editor by Dan Nifong, my views have to change. I mean

I enjoy eating candy in my sandbox as much as the next Democrat,

but you are absolutely right we need to grow up! It is about time

that we Democrats hang up our hopes and dreams and concentrate on

the key issues such as how we can make the Islamic world (and the

rest of the world for that matter) more like us. Iraq was just a

start. The world was singing our praises after our liberation

crusade, but I think we can do more. Next stop Palestine! On the

home front, my mom loves the extra time each week she has to spend

making sure no child is left behind. The students enjoy that their

education being dummied down to the least common denominator. I

used to think Alaska was a beautiful place, but now I think Alaska

is just an untapped oil field. So thank you Republicans. I look

forward to another four years of peace and harmony in the world. I

am sure we will have another four years of plane-free buildings!

(Don’t worry I don’t count the planes flying into the buildings on

Sept. 11, 2001, as happening during Bush’s presidency either) If

anyone doesn’t agree, don’t tell us this is a free country and we

have the right to free speech (on the condition that it completely

agrees with the norm).

Eric Hazlett

Senior, physics major

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To the Editor:

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Nov 092004

I read Mr. Bird’s letter to the editor with interest – and can

only assume it was written tongue-in-cheek (he thought he was being

funny and sarcastic – right?). That someone would think voters

agreed to ban smoking in public areas as a “convenience” is absurd.

People voted for this because we want to be able to go out in

public places and breathe clean air – and separate smoking sections

were just not cutting it. If smokers choose to endanger their

health – so be it. Nonsmokers shouldn’t be subjected to the bad

effects of their habit.

Many of the restaurants that I frequent now that they are

nonsmoking have indicated that their revenues have actually

increased since the ban. So, between the increased restaurant

revenue and the increased tax money for health care and smoking

education, I would like to say thanks to all the smokers out


MaryAnn Stroub

Electrical and Computer Engineering


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