Nov 092004
Authors: Katie Kelley

As the numbers slowly role in from Boulder County’s provisional

ballots, ambiguity still lingers between Republican candidate

Marilyn Musgrave and Democratic candidate Stan Matsunaka in the

race for the 4th Congressional District seat.

This uncertainty is predominately because of delays in Boulder

County, as it becomes one of the last sets of ballots still to be


“We’re still trying to figure out the provisional ballots, but

my campaign manager is supposed to let me know,” Matsunaka said.

“I’ll hopefully be making an announcement in the next few days, but

it’s just a matter of the provisional ballots. There are about

1,000 votes still unaccounted for.”

Delays have set back Matsunaka’s decision to concede to

Musgrave, who has won 153,607 votes, or 51.11percent, compared to

Matsunaka who has taken 134,496, or 44.75 percent, of the votes,

according to the Denver Post.

“I can understand Matsunaka wanting to wait until we certify our

votes,” said James Barrus, media information officer for Boulder

County. “There were a lot of things that conspired to cause the


Some of the delays were in part because of misprinted and

damaged ballots, Barrus said.

“There were literally a couple thousand ballots damaged and the

company we went through didn’t know why,” Barrus said.

Boulder County was also delayed by a lawsuit it faced

challenging the constitutional ballot process that delayed it

another two days.

“If you didn’t vote or over-voted or did a write-in candidate

then a pair of election judges had to guess the intent of your

vote,” Barrus said. “All of the early voter ballots, absentee

ballots and election day ballots have been counted. There still are

about 2,500 provisional ballots and a couple hundred of ballots

that were damaged that need to be looked at.”

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