DIA Shuttle Service

Nov 092004
Authors: Megan Buettgenbach

This fall, Associated Students of CSU is helping students get

home for the holidays.

For the first time, ASCSU is offering 200 discount tickets for

shuttle rides to Denver International Airport; however, there are

only 13 spaces left.

Students will receive $10 off of a one-way ticket price.

Students also have the option to purchase two tickets, one for each

way, to save $20 on a round-trip journey. Depending on where

students are being picked up in town, shuttle prices vary.

To get a ticket, students must visit the ASCSU office in the

Lory Student Center before Thursday.

On Tuesday afternoon, only 13 of the original 200 spots were


Once students sign up, the tickets will be mailed to them by

Nov. 17. Students are responsible for calling Shamrock Shuttle

Service to set up pick-up times.

“(Students) should come into the ASCSU office to sign up, then

call Shamrock and present their ticket and pay the difference,”

said Luke Brunner, director of ASCSU Student Services and junior

business major.

In order to provide this service, ASCSU made a deal with

Shamrock to pick up the extra tab.

“It is just another service we offer students – to get safely to

and from DIA,” Bruner said.

Freshman Mandi Gum, a graphic design major, has already signed

up for the program in order to go back home to Stanwood, Wash. for


“I’ve used Shamrock before for orientation,” Gum said. “It is a

really helpful money-saving service, and without a car, it is

really helpful.”

Freshman Amy Russ, an open-option major from Minnetonka, Minn.,

is also going home for Thanksgiving.

“My aunt lives in Denver,” Russ said. “So she would come and

pick me up to take me to DIA. If I didn’t have a ride to the

airport, I’d definitely use it, though.”

The shuttle service idea was first discussed as part of ASCSU

President Katie Clausen’s and Vice President Ben Goldstein’s,

election platform.

“(The program) has proven to be very popular,” Brunner said.

However, it is still not certain if the discount tickets will be

available for Winter Break travels.

“I think it is a good idea and saves a lot of time and money,”

said freshman Craig Lessard, an open-option major. “It would be

really helpful if they offered it during Christmas or next



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