To the editor,

Nov 082004


Two words come into my mind when talking to any Democrat around

campus – sore losers! Democrats, to me, are like the 4-year-old

children who sit in the sand box and eat candy all day. When the

Republicans come and take that candy away, you have the ingredients

for one really annoying, liberal crybaby. All I’ve heard from every

left-wing supporter, is “the world is coming to an end!”

Give me a break! Maybe if you spent less time watching “Saturday

Night Live” and Tom Brokaw, you would learn that our president has

done a lot for this country. Ever since he ran as president, you’ve

never seen another plane fly into one of our buildings, have you?

If all you Democrats think that the Republicans are cavemen

thirsting for blood, maybe you should look at the fact that there

are 58 million of us and we decided what’s best for this country,

not the so-called, peace-loving Democrats.

If I were a Democrat (never going to happen) I would find the

nearest Republican and hug him or her for the great decision he or

she made. If you are a Democrat who feels this country is going

down the crapper, move! Neither I, nor any other Republican, is

going to stop you.

Dan Nifong

Freshman, psychology

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To the editor:

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Nov 082004

In response to Matt Brosovich’s Monday letter to the editor …

Good grief, Matt! After spending most of your letter criticizing

Joe Marshall for twisting facts, you tell us that President George

W. Bush “won (this) election by … an overwhelming margin.” Huh?

The preliminary counts show a difference in the popular vote of 3

percent (51 percent to 48 percent), which, not counting the 2000

election, is the smallest margin since Carter defeated Ford by 2

percent in 1976. Yes, this was a very close election, and yes, the

United States is quite polarized. Take a look at to check the numbers yourself.

But please, folks – let’s not get carried away with that tired,

old “love it or leave it” rhetoric (Kaylee Earll’s and Dan Nifong’s

Monday letters to the editor). Democrats love this country as much

as Republicans do, and they are perfectly entitled to speak up

about what they see as very serious persistent problems with the

Bush presidency. It’s good to keep things civilized (Republicans –

remember your continual vicious attacks on Clinton?), but in a

strong democracy there’s no reason to stop criticizing the winner

of an election, no matter how wide the margin of victory.

Joseph Fass

Post-doctoral researcher

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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To the editor:

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Nov 082004

I am proud to say that I campaigned for Sen. John Kerry. While

exercising my democratic right to speak my mind on the Lory Student

Center Plaza on Tuesday, I was insulted beyond belief by a woman –

probably in her 40s (if I was in a better mood I would say she was

in her 30s). As I was holding the huge John Kerry sign on the

Plaza, she approached me, touched me on the arm, and with a sound

of pity in her voice, said, “You are so wrong, I’m sorry. It’s OK,

though, you are young.”

Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean? Apparently, because I

am 21 and not 41 my brain has somehow not yet developed to the

point that I can make an informed decision. To this woman, I say:

You know nothing about me other than I supported John Kerry. You

don’t know my major, my interests, my goals, my life experiences,

how much time I’ve spent studying the candidates or how much

passion I have for the things I believe in. How dare you speak down

to me as though I am naive and incompetent? I’ve probably had as

many eye-opening life experiences as you, and those experiences are

at the root of my political beliefs. How dare you insult my

intelligence, and most of all, how dare you insult my


Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, I hope that those

who call you stupid and clueless simply because of your age will

not intimidate you. Stand by your beliefs, and show respect for the

beliefs of others, because you may never know the basis for



Karen Johnson

Senior, sociology major

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To the editor:

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Nov 082004

As I reflect on the many memories I have created as a student

here at CSU, I am inclined to share my most recent memorable

experience as a Ram. This past weekend I took a road trip with some

friends to Salt Lake City for the CSU vs. Utah football game. It

was an experience that will never be forgotten.

I would like to thank Director of Athletics Mark Driscoll and

Ticket Manager Sharon Rady for their generosity this weekend. They

were quite charitable in donating 14 tickets and a ride to the

game. Efforts like these strengthen and encourage student support.

Thank you Mark and Sharon. Your actions are greatly


As a graduating senior, the ability to take off on a whim for a

three-day trip, simply to attend a Rams football game will soon be

gone. I feel the need to encourage my peers to get out there and

enjoy their time as students to the fullest. Go on a road trip just

because! Support your Rams, in any way you desire; it doesn’t have

to be a football game. There are 13 varsity sports here on


CSU enjoy your college years; I know I have.


Sam Cox

Senior, economics

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To the editor:

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Nov 082004

As we all know, during the recent election, all tobacco costs

around the state of Colorado were raised. Many people who voted yes

on Amendment 35 are a part of the non-tobacco-using population.

Granted, the new cigarette tax is going to be used for a multitude

of good things, including cancer research and anti-smoking

campaigns. For the most part, these nonsmokers claim to be

genuinely worried about the health and lives of smokers, but it is

obviously mainly for themselves.

In 2002, the city of Fort Collins passed a law to ban smoking

from all bars and restaurants within city limits. This is obviously

for the convenience of the nonsmoking population. Maybe you don’t

want to answer the question “smoking or non?” or you don’t want to

smell the smoke – the law still passed. I sincerely hope this law

wasn’t passed because nonsmokers don’t enjoy the smell, because

then we would have to ban the passing of gas in public. It’s

already a social faux pas so we might as well start writing

citations for it.

Raising the price of tobacco will not cause people to quit, or

even smoke less. The taxes used to make anti-smoking campaigns will

not have any effect on people who are already addicted. If

anything, current smokers will cut costs in other things they buy

so they can afford their cigarettes. This will affect the quality

of life for them and their families.

Adam Bird


Business Administration

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