Packs make partying smart

Nov 082004
Authors: Anne Farrell

Off-Campus Student Services/Resources for Adult Learners wants

CSU students to know there is more to a party than tapping a keg

and turning up the music.

OCSS/RAL is trying to bring light to the smaller details that go

into planning a party by providing 500 party packs to CSU


Each party pack contains two cans of soda for sober hosts, a

party pack T-shirt, RamRide information, one date-rape drug-test

kit, one trash bag, one recycling bag, 25 “over-21” wristbands, 16

handouts to distribute to neighbors to announce the party, one roll

of tape for posting the fliers, a party checklist, a handout

outlining common code and ordinance violations, information about

sexual assault and date rape, and a party evaluation card.

“I used everything except the tape,” said Erin Kanzawa, a senior

art major who picked up a pack last week.

The goal behind distributing the packs is to allow students to

have fun without breaking laws, disturbing neighbors or becoming

involved with the police, said Jennifer Johnson, a community

liaison coordinator for CSU and Fort Collins. Each pack includes

information regarding city ordinances as well as the punishments

for breaking the ordinances.

“This isn’t a shame on you. You can have fun with the idea of

being responsible and still having a good time with your friends,”

Johnson said.

The idea for party packs was hatched last year during a student

forum about promoting responsible behavior. The party packs

distributed at CSU are modeled after a similar program at Ohio

State University.

Party pack distribution began last spring when 100 packs were

made available. Within two days, potential hosts had picked up all

of the packs. This year OCSS/RAL is distributing 500 packs.

Distribution began Wednesday and so far 75 students have picked up

the packs.

Packs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students

interested in getting a pack are required to list their name and

address when they pick it up to allow OCSS/RAL office track results

of code and ordinance violations.

The packs can be picked up at the OCSS/RAL office in the lower

level of the Lory Student Center.

“I definitely think (a party pack) educates about what you need

to do if you are having a party and how to be safe about it,” said

Jamie Reed, a freshman biology major and party pack recipient.

Breakout: Students may pick up a party pack by calling Jennifer

Johnson at 224-6047 or through the Off-Campus Student Services


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