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Nov 082004
Authors: Collegian Edittorial Staff

Some people traverse America every day.

Now these tireless road warriors are joining in the fight

against terrorism.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has activated a program

called highway watch to teach truckers how to spot terrorists.

Truckers spend the majority of their time on the road. We can

all imagine this road must get monotonous, boring and endless.

Now these brave men and women can help the United States win a


Suspected terrorists are sometimes targeted through racial

profiling. Truckers are trained not to pay attention to anyone’s

race, sex or age, but to watch only for unusual behavior.

Teaching truckers to watch for suspicious activity on the road

is a great way to utilize all of our resources, without spending a

lot more money.

We respect our government’s ingenuity.

These citizens should be commended for their efforts to take on

this challenge.

More cooperation, more working together and more programs like

this one are what our country needs to bridge the gap that has

recently divided us.

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