Nov 082004
Authors: Jon Pilsner

To Sonny Lubick, getting blown out 63-31 by No. 7 Utah wasn’t

all negative.

“This is just what we needed, a good wakeup call,” said the CSU

head football coach Monday at his weekly press conference. “Utah is

a good football team.”

Lubick said that although the score appeared lopsided, he still

had admiration for his players.

“Our kids still played really hard,” Lubick said. “(Dustin)

Osborn and (Damon) Morton played really well. Our offensive line

played well.”

Utah quarterback Alex Smith also drew praise from Lubick. Smith

went 21-of-26 for 291 yards and four touchdowns this past weekend,

also running for 55 yards.

“He is an exceptionally good player. He is going to continue to

get better and continue to execute,” Lubick said. “We knew they

were executing their offense well.”

Lubick didn’t criticize Utah head coach Urban Meyer for

replacing the Utes second-team offense with Smith and the first

team late in the fourth quarter with Utah leading by 25.

“I wouldn’t have done the same thing, but I wouldn’t hold it

against any coach that did,” Lubick said. “I can’t worry about what

the other coach is going to do. There is no animosity.”

Lubick said not having the first team play the entire game was

more embarrassing than anything. But Lubick addressed that Utah was

attempting to impress pollsters who determine Bowl Championship

Series positioning at the end of the season.

“With the (BCS), if you think that you have to score 50, 60, 70

points in games to get higher up, then I don’t think it’s doing a

good thing,” Lubick said.

However, CSU senior place-kicker and punter Jeff Babcock wasn’t

as kind to Utah as his coach was. Babcock was hit twice by Utah

players trying to block punts this weekend, drawing two penalties,

including a personal foul.

“Their special teams coach is pretty spineless for rushing 11

guys when it’s 42-3,” Babcock said after this weekend’s game. “I

thought it was pretty classless. It probably wasn’t necessary. When

you’re up 49 points and you don’t have a return man, that’s just

not right.”

With the Rams now staying home for the holidays for the first

time in six years, Lubick said his focus hasn’t changed.

“It’s about football and enjoying it. I don’t know how to give

an explanation, we just want to play,” Lubick said. “When I took

this job, I never expected to go to 10 straight bowl games. We

still have some things going for us and we are going to keep


Lubick also continues to look ahead to next year, but he knows

the Rams have to play hard and finish out the season.

“Fifty teams are going to bowls and 50 aren’t,” Lubick said.

“We’ve gone to too many. Twelve of the past 15 years, I haven’t

been home on Christmas.”

As for this weekend’s opponent, UNLV, Lubick said he expects

another close game.

“We are very close in talent,” Lubick said. “There is no way one

team is going to go in there and totally run away with it.”

Lubick also had kind things to say about UNLV head coach John

Robinson, who is retiring after this season. Robinson won a

national title with USC in 1978 and has over 130 collegiate

victories as a head coach in his career.

“He is just a classy guy, he has done a lot for college

football,” Lubick said. “He is a genuine guy, he has excellent

insight into everything. He had done it all.”



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