To the editor,

Nov 072004

Two words come into my mind when talking to any Democrat around

campus – sore losers! Democrats, to me, are like the 4-year-old

children who sit in the sand box and eat candy all day. When the

Republicans come and take that candy away, you have the ingredients

for one really annoying, liberal crybaby. All I’ve heard from every

left-wing supporter, is “the world is coming to an end!”

Give me a break! Maybe if you spent less time watching “Saturday

Night Live” and Tom Brokaw, you would learn that our president has

done a lot for this country. Ever since he ran as president, you’ve

never seen another plane fly into one of our buildings, have you?

If all you Democrats think that the Republicans are cavemen

thirsting for blood, maybe you should look at the fact that there

are 58 million of us and we decided what’s best for this country,

not the so-called, peace-loving Democrats.

If I were a Democrat (never going to happen) I would find the

nearest Republican and hug him or her for the great decision he or

she made. If you are a Democrat who feels this country is going

down the crapper, move! Neither I, nor any other Republican, is

going to stop you.

Dan Nifong

Freshman, psychology

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To the editor:

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Nov 072004

This letter is in regards to Joe Marshall’s editorial, which I

read Friday. Joe, I accept your opinion, but people shouldn’t

accept your ignorance. Typical of an editorial, there were only

facts from one side of a failed election campaign. Your blatant

misstatement of facts is easily recognized by anyone who paid

attention. That failed approach is why you have such a polarization

in this country. People don’t trust reporters like yourself because

you don’t report truthfully. What they will and always have trusted

is strong moral character. Reporting untruthfully the way you did

causes you to lose the audience that you want to listen to your

statements. When I say there was a spin of the facts I mean that

Joe blatantly twisted what the issue really was during this

election. Sorry Joe, it wasn’t the war on terror and it wasn’t the

economy, even though they are both pressing issues. The war is a

mess but the hope of the people is that a strong leader can get us

through it. The economy is doing quite well given the

circumstances. The facts show that the swing issue was not the war

on terror, but rather moral values. I am not questioning whether

Sen. John Kerry has strong moral values; what I am saying is he did

a poor job of demonstrating to the public his strong moral values.

On the other hand, the president stuck to his values and would not

waiver. In so doing he demonstrated reliability. Although he may

not accomplish all his goals, he will try diligently. President

Bush stuck to his beliefs, and that is something people of the

United States can rely on. That is why he won the election by such

an overwhelming margin. I suggest, Joe, that you follow in his

footsteps and report the facts along with your opinion. At the very

least you will demonstrate to your readers some sense of moral

values, because misstating facts is not a good example of them.

Matt Brosovich

1998 graduate

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To the editor:

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Nov 072004

I have started seeing bumper stickers and shirts that have on

them a disturbing message: “F**k Bush.” While I don’t deny that

these people have a right to wear them or put them on their cars, I

do have some problems with them.

First of all, no matter how you feel about him, George W. Bush

is our president. Whether or not you like anything about him, his

position does merit him some measure of respect. And beyond that,

this country is divided because people like you don’t make a choice

to try to work with those in power.

I understand that there should be a time of mourning and

bitterness for those whose candidate lost the election, but after

that, please get over it. Whining about Bush for the next four

years is not going to do any good whatsoever. He is the president,

whether you like it or not, so instead of making shirts with

obscenities on them, why don’t you do something constructive with

your time? You could join a group on campus that agrees with your

opinions and try to effect change. That way, you don’t have to

annoy everyone else with complaining about the present system, you

can actually do something about it.

If you are too lazy to do that and would prefer to lay around

complaining about our president, please do it somewhere else – like

Canada. I, for one, would not miss you.

Kaylee Earll

Sophomore, human development and family studies major

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To the editor:

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Nov 072004

In response to Jim Langdon’s Nov. 4 letter on how he has “no

pity for the adjunct professors,” I would like to clarify a few



1) Mr. Langdon asserts that tenured professors deserve better

treatment because they have been “immersed in academia their entire

lives.” Perhaps he is unaware of how adjuncts have also dedicated

their lives to academia. Many adjuncts have the same degree as

tenured faculty in their field. In addition, adjuncts dedicate

several hours a week to professional development, publishing

critical works and books and presenting papers.


2) Mr. Langdon states that $24,000 a year is commensurate with

“entry-level” jobs. His claim implies there’s some possibility for

advancement. Unfortunately, for adjuncts there’s not. In the

English department, contracts offering promotion for dedicated

adjuncts were wiped out last summer. Imagine having a job where,

despite the increasing cost of living, you’re paid the same or less

each year, with no hope to advance.

3) Finally, Mr. Langdon asserts that such inequalities are part

of “the real world.” I cannot disagree with him more. The point,

when one encounters inequalities, is not to passively accept them,

but to work to change them. The adjuncts who are struggling for

equity are doing so to improve their situation, the quality of

education at this university and the quality of jobs available to

students who aspire to teach.

Todd D. Mitchell


English department

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