Nov 072004
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Well folks, Pixar has done it again. “The Incredibles” is comic

book meets James Bond in a happy computer game environment with a

twist. Mr. Incredible, voiced by Craig T. Nelson, and his wife

Elastigirl, voiced by Holly Hunter, are attempting to run a

“normal” family with three kids on a post-superhero Earth. After

being shunned by all the normal people, the superheroes of the

world are forced to live the lives as their secret identities –

forever. Samuel L. Jackson voices Mr. Incredible’s long-time friend

Frozone and is his partner in crime as the two sneak out, behind

the backs of their wives, to fulfill their passion for saving

lives. A little while into the movie, Incredible gets into some

trouble at work and is then offered a job on a far-away island,

which kicks the plot into the action-packed superpower frenzy of

entertainment everyone’s waiting for.

The visuals in this one are, as expected, amazing to watch,

occasionally putting a doubt into the audiences mind about whether

it’s animation they’re seeing or actual film. Different from the

other Pixar flicks, “The Incredibles” is more of an action movie

and doesn’t put as much emphasis on humor as the previous ones.

It’s also rated PG, unlike the others, possibly because of the

amount of animated violence and use of darker words such as “death”

and “kill.” The only drawbacks are its slow start and lengthy

running time of nearly two hours (being the longest computer

animated movie to date). The second half is when the movie really

takes off, as the whole Incredible family starts to use their

superpowers in jaw-dropping ways. One especially awesome scene is

when the two kids escape near-capture on the villainous jungle

island, reminiscent of scenes from “Stars Wars: Return of the Jedi”

and “Episode One.”

Director Brad Bird definitely stuck his foot a little further in

the door with this one, having also written and directed “Iron

Giant,” and he even voices Edna, the super-suit creator for all of

the superheroes. “The Incredibles” is a must-see for movie watchers

of any age. If you’re 1 or 100, it’s guaranteed you’ll be leaving

the theater smiling from ear to ear. As usual, Pixar put another

cute animation “Boundin'” before the movie, so make sure to get

there on time.

3.5 out of 4 Rams.

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