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Nov 072004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Our governor has two years left in office – well, maybe.

Rumor has it that the Bush administration has its eye on

Colorado Gov. Bill Owens for a post during the president’s second

term. If Owens were to take such a position, he would likely have

to leave his governorship prematurely.

Owens has said he expects to complete his four-year term as

governor, but that hasn’t kept people from talking about the

possibility of him leaving.

“I appreciate the speculation, and I’m honored by it,” Owens

said in Thursday’s Denver Post. “But I don’t expect to get an

offer, and I’m not sure if I did that I’d accept it. It would


The problem is, however, that it shouldn’t depend on anything.

Owens was elected by the citizens of Colorado to do a specific job

for a specific amount of time, and that should be all that matters.

Regardless of who comes calling – the executive branch of our

federal government included – the governor’s priority should be the

post he was elected to serve.

Odds are all these rumors will amount to nothing. Owens says he

is committed to his current position, and this whole thing is

likely just gossip being told around the political water


But if Owens is actually thinking about reneging on the contract

he signed with Colorado residents, he should reconsider where his

priorities lie.

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