Nov 072004
Authors: Ben Bleckley

Congresswoman Musgrave,

You are probably aware that John Kerry claimed that he would

provide a tax credit up to $4,000 of tuition for college students

and financial aid for states that kept the costs of higher

education low. You are also likely aware that Stan Matsunaka, your

opponent in the recent election, supported an increase of federal

grants and loans to help students pay for college.

Since neither of them won their elections on Tuesday, I’m

writing to ask you to carry out these reforms. Myself and your

25,000 other constituents attending Colorado State University would

greatly appreciate it.

Now I know this might not seem in line with your priorities.

K-12 education obviously is, and I’d like to congratulate you on

the House approval of your amendment to a recent appropriations act

(H.R. 5006). While the extra money you gave to schools will most

likely be used for the president’s unfunded No Child Left Behind

program, it certainly is welcome funding. But I know you are also

occupied with your Federal Marriage Amendment, especially after all

11 marriage defining amendments to state constitutions passed,

which will no doubt fuel your push for this federal amendment

banning a human being’s civil rights. So higher education might not

be number one on your list.

However, it is on mine, and frankly, with our nation fighting a

“war against terror” and the country in an economic recession (or

recovering from an economic recession, whatever) I’m least

concerned with what other Americans are doing in the privacy of

their bedrooms.

I understand we have our differences. You see the Collegian as a

“fake newspaper,” and I see you as, at best, a very misguided

representative attempting to take the right of matrimony from my

fellow citizens. Furthermore, while I saw Stan Matsunaka on campus

numerous times prior to the election, I have yet to meet you in

person, which makes me question your concern for my education and


But let’s put our differences aside. The election is over and

you and I are going to have to deal with each other for another two


And I think you’ll see things my way. This is actually a matter

of family values.

You see, Marilyn, right now I’m working more than 30 hours a

week at three separate jobs. Then I go to school, taking the

average 15-credit load. And I know you will appreciate the fact

that I volunteer at my church 10 hours each week. Now I don’t know

about you, but for me, all that is “really hard work.”

Here’s the thing though. Next semester I need to take out a

loan. When I get my degree, my fianc�e and I are going to

have to start paying these loans back. This wouldn’t be a problem

if we were business majors or CEOs, but I’m going to teach,

Marilyn, and that’s a salary you know of firsthand. My wife is

going to be a social worker, working for programs your Republican

colleagues have cut financially. This severely burdens our plans to

start a family.

That sounds like some real family values to me. And by sending a

little money our way, you wouldn’t be taking away anyone else’s

civil rights.

Some of my fellow students and I may call to follow-up, either

at your Washington office, (202) 225-4676, or to save us the

long-distance fees, at your Loveland office, (970) 663-3536. Thank

you for your time in this important matter.s

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