Nov 072004
Authors: Ryan Skeels

What is it all about?

The previews make “Alfie” out to be a nothing-but-shallow movie

about a young guy whose life is composed solely of making love to

’em and losing ’em. Jude Law plays Alfie, a man working for a

limousine company who goes out of his way to court the ladies and

creates more than enough drama for himself in the meantime. The

entire movie centers around Law, who loves to step aside, becoming

intimate with the audience and telling his philosophies on love,

avoiding love and making love. He courts, errr, betrays several

women during the film. The women are portrayed by Marisa Tomei,

Susan Sarandon, Nia Long and even Golden Globe nominee Jane

Krakowski. Way to go Jude!

Alfie at first doesn’t seem to care about any of his actions,

only living his life for himself, and he is often caught saying “I

didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” not realizing the extent of the

confusion and pain he’s putting these ladies through. Alas, he does

get what he paid for and the blows start to come back to the

source, putting Alfie on the receiving end of all the punches he’s

thrown at his previous flings. There are actually some fairly

emotional parts and Law learns some life lessons sure to make any

man or woman think about their relationships – past and


Director Charles Shyer, known for writing and directing “The

Father of the Bride,” made this remake of the 1966 “Alfie” very

cool to watch as the cinematography, style and setting he used is

different from anything else he has done. The quick cuts and

hipster feel give the film an updated spin on a ’60s classic. The

soundtrack also adds to the movie, building on the emotions the

viewer feels about Alfie. Of the six movies Law is in this year,

“Alfie” is probably not the one to see, if you’re trying to choose.

It is directed well, has good acting and doesn’t hesitate in

showing the crappy side of men in general.

So what is it all about? Who knows? Don’t go to “Alfie” to find

out; go if you want to watch a hottie pick up the hotties, lose the

hotties and learn blatantly obvious lessons from his mistakes.

Ram rating: 2 out of 4

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