Nov 042004
Authors: Scott Bondy, Paul Baker

Topic 1: Lately, there is a lot of talk about who will win the

Sportsman of the Year award. Everyone seems to have a different

candidate in mind. Some are very obscure choices (i.e. Kobe Bryant-

more like criminal of the year) while others are more noteworthy.

Who should win this prestigious honor? After all, it is like the

Nobel Prize of sports.

Baker: My boy Lance Armstrong should win it for sure. After a

record seventh victory in one of the most grueling sporting events,

the Tour de France, his accomplishments are unmatched.

Bondy: Definitely not. He’s a great athlete, but not

well-rounded enough for the award. Although most of you can’t even

pronounce his name, Omeka Okafor gets my vote.

Baker: That’s a horrible vote. No college athlete is worthy of

this award.

Bondy: Not only is he an incredible athlete, leading the

Connecticut Huskies to an NCAA Basketball Championship, but he is

also an impressive person in general. He took three years to get a

business degree while maintaining 3.8 GPA. He is a rare breed of an

athlete, one that puts most others to shame.

Baker: Armstrong is probably smart too.

Topic 2: Bowl games are right around the corner. For the first

time in six years, CSU will not grace a bowl with its presence

(almost 100 percent chance of this) but there still is another team

to root for: the Rams’ opponent this weekend. Utah is No. 6 in the

Bowl Championship Series poll and if they remain there, will be

guaranteed a BCS bowl game.

Bondy: I say CSU should throw the game this weekend. Let Utah


Baker: Definitely. If Utah makes a BCS bowl, every team in the

Mountain West Conference will see some money. In fact, that money

would be more than if CSU did make a bowl game themselves.

Bondy: Plus, Utah will throw the whole BCS system for a loop.

Even though I don’t think Utah is worthy of the No. 6 ranking, I

will be cheering for them from here on out.

Baker: Go Utes.

Topic 3: Q and A Lightning Round

Baker: Does T.O. (Terrell Owens) have B.O.?

Bondy: Yes he does. The guy is nothing but a clown. All he runs

is his mouth. What about all those dropped catches, huh?

Bondy: Will the Steelers upset another undefeated team this


Baker: Nope, Philadelphia gets the nod because the only thing I

smell from T.O. is touchdowns.

Baker: Who wins the NBA scoring title this year, Kohl or


Bondy: Big Daddy Shaq.

Bondy: Utah versus CSU final score?

Baker: 63-7 Utah. The Utes will record 500 yards of offense.

Bondy: 35-7. CSU scores on a trick play, but that’s all they


Topic 4: Tiger Woods is about to play in his first tournament,

the Tour Championship, after marrying that gorgeous ex-nanny. Will

married life return him to the premier golf player he once was?

Baker: I don’t know. She is one hell of a distraction.

Bondy: Yeah, let’s hope he signed a good pre-nup.

Baker: He has been playing awful since he found this girl. I

hear all the excitement goes downhill after you get married, so

maybe he is in luck.

Bondy: It doesn’t matter. He has everything anyone could want in

the world.

Closing Statements and Words to the Wise:

Baker: Since the NHL season isn’t looking too good, it looks

like they need some replacement players.

Bondy: We’ve been known to play a little stick-puck in our day,

sign us up.

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