To the editor:

Nov 032004


In response to Monday’s article in the Collegian about adjunct

professors’ painfully low wages and lack of job security, I would

like to call shame on CSU. I thought back to the many classes I

have taken at CSU and realized how many of them had been taught not

by tenured professors, but by hard-working adjunct professors.

I believe the benefit these instructors bring to the university

highly surpasses the lack of compensation and lack of flat-out

respect they receive. Every student at CSU depends on adjunct

professors in many core curriculum classes, such as speech,

composition and math. Many of these instructors, when teaching

freshmen and sophomores, literally shape the very academic careers

that these students will take.

It’s true that money at CSU is very tight these days, and there

are many departments and academic areas that are not receiving the

funding they desperately need (such as our under-funded library).

Nonetheless, I believe this issue needs serious attention, more so

than a $15.2 million stadium upgrade, for example.

Adjunct professors do the same job and are, at times, more

visible and approachable than tenured professors and are expected

to uphold the university’s standard of academic excellence for less

than 50 percent of the salary of an assistant professor, less than

35 percent of the salary of an associate professor and less than 25

percent of the salary of a full professor. Haven’t adjunct

professors earned the right to pay equity, job security and

professional respect?

Memo to CSU: Yes, they have.

Jared Van Buskirk

Senior, business administration and management

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To the editor:

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Nov 032004

Many are saying that now, after the election, we need to stand

behind our representative and be united – that this is the only way

to fight terrorism.

There are many people who are more than likely disappointed with

the election result. That is OK. I think that if your candidate did

not win, you have a right to be bitter.

However, if your candidate did win, what will you do when they

do not come through with all of their election promises? I have

heard the same complaint about unfulfilled promises, it is

ridiculous. I think it is important to remember that things do not

always turn out the way the candidate wanted. You voted in the

ideals of the candidate, not necessarily what they will actually

accomplish. There are hundreds of people in the upper echelons of

our government, all with different ideas. In the next four years or

so, if your candidates don’t get to pass the bills they wanted, you

need to realize that they probably tried and just weren’t


Brian Thomas

Senior, history

 Posted by at 6:00 pm