Nov 032004

This is a response to Wednesday’s Our View in the Collegian. The

Collegian is right to say that the U.S. public has been

disappointed with its presidential candidates over the last two

elections. However, there is an alternative to just waiting another

four years in hopes that a better leader might come along.

Maybe others noticed Tuesday that there are political parties

out there besides the Republicans and Democrats. I happened to vote

for Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian presidential candidate. Did I

throw my vote away? I have the peace of mind that I did not vote

for the lesser of two evils. I voted for a candidate who actually

reflects my political views. There were plenty of alternatives to

President Bush or Sen. John Kerry on Tuesday’s ballot. I invite

anyone who reads this to decide what his or her stance is on

political issues, and then search for a party that best suits those

opinions. This is an alternative to making a disappointed vote and

then waiting another four years.

Eric Olsen

Senior, English major

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