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Nov 032004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Some of us are celebrating. Some of us are morning. But we are

all thankful we’re not reliving 2000.

The election is over and we only had to wait one night to find

out who won.

Everyone involved in making this election less chaotic than the

last deserves praise – especially the candidates themselves.

George W. Bush won, and we all know it’s easy to be a good

winner, but his acceptance focused not solely on victory but on his

plans to unite the divided nation.

And Sen. John Kerry deserves praise as well – for not putting us

through the hell he very easily could have. He decided to concede

the race Wednesday morning rather than dragging it on for a month

or more, which we can all appreciate after the mess of 2000. Plus,

Kerry’s concession speech was easily one of the best and most

gracious of his campaign.

And then that was it.

No threats of lawsuits, no Supreme Court decisions and no

waiting. And like it or not, you have to respect the senator for


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