Nov 022004
Authors: Vincent Adams

I looked out my window Tuesday morning and discovered the skies

were still blue. Thank goodness. My eyes adjusted from the sleep

stage to embrace their return to reality. After the brutal

nightmare I just had, I thought I would never see a beautiful,

hopeful shade of blue hover in the heavens again.

My nightmare formed a new world set in the future. Behind my

closed eyelids I lived in a world where a complacent America

reelected George W. Bush in 2004. Bush earned his second term

because he was able to convince Americans his shoot ’em up approach

to terrorism was the best approach, and because he convinced many

of us he was infallible and his mistakes were merely attempts to

distort his flawless record.

About a year after Bush’s reelection, terrorists attacked the

United States. However, this attack didn’t claim thousands of

lives. This attack claimed a major U.S. city and hundreds of

thousands of lives. Terrorists had gotten their nasty little hands

on a nuclear weapon and found a way to smuggle the bomb across our

borders and detonate us into a new world order.

Immediately after the city was destroyed, the United States shut

down. Tanks invaded our communities and military personnel replaced

police. After a few months, young men and women were drafted into

the newly created military police force run by the Department of

Homeland Security. The new military police would “protect” us in

our communities and from the terrorists. Citizens would need passes

from the military police to wander about the community, and

government cameras were set up everywhere – including our homes –

to watch our every move.

Nearly all of our freedoms were rolled back and citizens didn’t

mind because our government convinced us that lost freedoms equated

safety. In this dreamy reality the terrorists had won the war on

terror. Our way of life was over.

Of course, Bush wanted to convince us everything was OK and that

we were winning the war on terror because of his leadership. In

2007, Bush decided we would still have elections (what a nice guy).

However, no matter who the candidates were, the Republican Party

handpicked the candidates and would still run the country. On Nov.

4, 2008, the country celebrated the election of our new

Presidentinator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Throughout this entire nightmare the skies were never blue. It

was as though some god-like force had abandoned humanity and took

color and hope with him.

While I exaggerate a bit, and I don’t assert a Bush reelection

would make my dreams come true, we could live my nightmare if we

continue our complacency.

Bush made huge mistakes, yet many of us still supported him and

made excuses for him. No matter who is president, we cannot let

Bush’s mistakes happen again. We cannot let our leaders start wars

against the wrong enemy because we’re scared and paranoid. We

cannot let our leaders exist under an umbrella of infallibility and

pass laws that roll back our freedoms.

We must take our country back. And voting is only a start.

Vincent is a graduate student studying English. He urges you to

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