Nov 022004
Authors: Sara Bahnson

Colorado voters passed Amendment 37 Tuesday night, requiring 10

percent of Colorado’s utilities to come from renewable energy

sources by 2015.

Based on the passage of Amendment 37, consumers’ electric

utility bills will increase by no more than 50 cents a month and

incentives will be given to those who invest in renewable energy


Proponents of Amendment 37 contend that renewable energy sources

such as wind, solar and geothermal energy are more affordable and

less harmful to the environment than fossil fuels and that Colorado

will be less vulnerable to the fluctuations in price and fuel

availability. Rural areas can benefit from Amendment 37 because

more jobs will be available if energy facilities are built in the

area, amendment supporters said.

Those against Amendment 37 argued that requiring renewable

energy sources may increase costs for consumers and producers. They

also asserted that renewable energy should be an individual choice

rather than a requirement.

Other states, such as California and Texas, have approved

similar plans on renewable energy, but Colorado is the first state

to allow its voters to make the decision.

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