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Nov 022004
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Name: Mackenzie Jean Conover

Year: Freshman

Major: Business, with a focus in finance and real estate

Random Interesting Fact: Had surgery two years after her

appendectomy to remove a one-and-a-half-inch clip the surgeon


In this episode of “The O.C.”:

Snowflakes, frost and icicles contrast sharply against the

California sunshine, sandy beaches and ocean surf that freshman

outside hitter Mackenzie Conover is used to.

However, Conover valiantly leaves behind her sun-drenched

familiarity to pursue dreams of six-packing opponents and setting

up kills in the rocky confines of the Mountain West Conference,

amid a blizzard of other paramount adjustments that accompany the

commencement of college and the challenge of being a student


Conover is using her self-described “competitive, energetic”

attitude on and off the court to acclimate herself to new

surroundings in Moby Arena. She joins the Rams from Orange County’s

Corona del Mar, a coast-lined haven for body boarders and beach


On her home turf, this Orange County star swung her way to the

top of the Pacific Coast League as captain of the Corona del Mar

Sea Kings in 2003. She was also an integral member of the team that

clenched the PCL championships in 2000 and 2002.

Off the court, Conover also made waves in academics in high

school. She graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade point average and

earned four academic letters in the process.

Celebrating her 18th birthday on Tuesday, Conover is the

youngest player on the CSU volleyball roster. So far at CSU,

Conover is far from wiping out. She is thoroughly enjoying her

Communications in Pop Culture class, taught by Instructor Alli


“We are in the disco era now, so we went out in the hall and

learned the hustle,” Conover said of the class. “It gets you more

involved rather than sitting there and listening to a lecture and

Alli is the most energetic teacher I’ve ever had.”

Back in the O.C., this “jeans and a t-shirt” girl liked to hit

the beach and do some body boarding when she wasn’t hitting spikes

or hitting the books. Since Fort Collins is land-locked and

Horsetooth Reservoir is a little cold for that kind of action,

Conover spends her free time hanging out with friends and is

looking forward to re-watching her favorite movie, “Shrek II,” when

it comes out on video.

Conover is more conservative when it comes to style than most of

the O.C. cast members. She might consider a nose piercing if she

had to choose a new accessory.

“I’m not a big shower of skin, so I wouldn’t get a tattoo,”

Conover said.

When it comes to music, Conover also exhibits a more mellow

preference. Her favorite song is “All For You” by Blues Traveler,

and Dashboard Confessional tops her list of hottest bands.

Conover’s future plans take her back to the beach when she is

done with volleyball and college in Colorado.

“I’ll probably move back to Orange County and get a job in real

estate or something,” Conover said. “I miss the ocean and the


In the mean time, Conover has a lot of Colorado experiences

awaiting her in a Rams jersey as CSU makes its stand amongst the

best in the nation. How will this episode in her life turn out? To

be continued…

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