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Authors: Jesse McLain

Democratic candidate Ken Salazar has been declared the victor in

one of the nation’s most strongly contested races for the U.S.


Republican Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who is stepping down,

previously occupied the Senate seat that Salazar will take


The first time Salazar took the stage at the Marriott Hotel in

Lower Downtown Denver, it was for his pre-emptive speech when a

winner had not yet been decided.

“I simply wanted to come down and thank you from the bottom of

my heart for giving me the opportunity to have the ride of my

life,” Salazar said as he thanked his supporters. “You have been

the wind beneath my wings and I love you all.”

Pete Coors accepted his loss graciously.

“I had the opportunity to call Ken Salazar and congratulate

him,” Coors said. “We ran a wonderful, positive campaign. I’d be

disappointed if I didn’t give this an effort. This is a great

process and this is a great country.”

Coors continued by celebrating with fellow Republicans on the

predicted re-election of George W. Bush.

“We can all be thrilled we got George W. Bush for four more

years,” Coors said.

Chris Gates, chair of Colorado Democratic Party, thanked

supporters for coming out earlier in the night while he urged them

to remain patient and not trust the preliminary polls.

“We are so happy you are here,” Gates said. “We just got to stay

cool and tough it out. It is going to be a tough call.”

At 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, CSU political science Professor John

Straayer projected Salazar would pull out with a win and that the

Colorado Senate race would not encounter the problems that the

national election has in the past.

“I projected Salazar would win it narrowly,” Straayer said. “It

seems to me things have gone quite smoothly in Colorado.”

When Salazar was finally declared the winner, he once again

thanked his supporters and then commented on his plans to create a

“united America.”

“Tonight is a great victory for the state of Colorado,” Salazar

said. “I want to thank each and every one of you for your


As for Coors, he ended his concession speech with a sense of

humor by describing his future plans.

“I will now go back to having the greatest job in the world:

running a beer company,” Coors said.

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