Nov 022004
Authors: Megan Read

Colorado voters adopted Referendum B in the 2004 election,

amending the state constitution.

This referendum will remove several items that were once a part

of the Colorado Constitution, but have been deemed by the courts to

be unconstitutional and are no longer in effect.

The items removed by the passing of the referendum are obsolete

provisions, references to one-time events that have already

occurred and voting requirements found unconstitutional by the

Colorado Supreme Court in 1972.

These obsolete items include the eligibility of poorhouse

residents to vote or run for office, court-invalidated residency

requirements, an old date in a section about state government

organization, the language about the terms of land commissioners

who are gone and the now nonexistent post of state superintendent

of public instruction.

Supporters believe removing the outdated provisions will make

the constitution easier to understand.

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