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Authors: Nicole Davis

CSU students played a large part in Democratic candidate Bob

Bacon’s win over Republican Ray Martinez in the race for the

District 14 state Senate seat.

Bacon, who focused on higher education in his campaign, won a

majority of the votes cast on the CSU campus, according to

officials at the Larimer County Democratic Headquarters.

“I am pleased young people were involved,” Bacon said in his

acceptance speech. “I’ve never seen so many young people be


Bacon was a teacher in the area for 35 years, both in the Poudre

School District and at Front Range Community College, before he

retired and began his foray into politics. From 1997 to 2002 he

served as Colorado state representative for House District 53. Now

he will fill Peggy Reeves’ position in the state Senate as she

steps down because of term limitations.

“I know that Peggy Reeves’ shoes are big to fill,” Bacon said.

“She has set a standard for us in Fort Collins.”

Bacon beat Martinez by a margin of almost 15 points, taking

55.62 percent of the vote while Martinez received 40.94 percent,

according to final unofficial results on the Larimer County Web

site, Libertarian candidate Mark Brophy took 3.44

percent of the vote.

Martinez will step down as mayor of Fort Collins in April

because of term limitations after serving for three terms.

“We didn’t think it would be that big of a spread,” Martinez


Martinez also lost a bid for Fort Collins City Council District

3 in 1997; however, he said he is positive about his campaign.

“One of the things we know we did win in is we ran a clean

campaign,” he said. “Money can win an election, it really can.”

Bacon said he saw his election into the state Senate as a sign

of unity and progress.

“This election shows how people pulling together can achieve a

great thing for Fort Collins,” he said.

Angie Paccione, who won the position in the Colorado House of

Representatives that Bacon vacated in 2002, celebrated Bacon’s win

and her own.

” Bob has brought home the bacon for us,” she said.

*Collegian reporters Brian Park and Lila Hickey contributed to

this story.

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