Nov 022004
Authors: Sara Bahnson

Colorado voters rejected Amendment 36 in Tuesday night’s

election, causing Colorado’s nine electoral votes to be counted in

the traditional “winner-take-all” approach.

“Colorado voters are obviously savvy about outsiders making our

constitution a political petri dish,” said co-founder of Coloradans

Against a Really Stupid Idea – No on 36, Kathy Singer, speaking

about the out-of-state funding of the amendment.

Amendment 36 would have immediately affected this year’s

national election by dividing Colorado’s electoral votes

proportionally based on the percentage of the state’s popular vote

each presidential candidate earned.

Those against Amendment 36 maintained that Colorado would no

longer have national significance in future elections. Candidates

would also possibly have no incentive to spend time and money on

voters in Colorado because the difference between the winner and

the loser in the state would have been only a one electoral vote


Supporters of Amendment 36 asserted that the amendment would

have promoted voter turnout because individual votes would count

more in the distribution of electoral votes. Amendment 36 may have

also encouraged third parties to become involved because they could

win a single electoral vote.

“We believe a lot of positive things came out of this campaign,”

said Julie Brown, campaign director for Make Your Vote Count, a

group that supported Amendment 36. “This is a start. It’s not the


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