To the editor:

Nov 012004

Friday’s editorial entitled, “The truth about rape” in the

Collegian, quickly caught my attention while skimming through the

Collegian. Rape is a frightening occurrence in our society and it

was awesome to see the author addressing the issue in hopes of

educating students. While the article provided a wide variety of

general information, I found it unfortunate that all of the

on-campus resources related to sexual assault were overlooked and

unmentioned. It was also distressing that the author focused on the

act of rape instead of considering the broader issue of sexual

assault. Individuals do not have to experience rape in order to be

sexually assaulted and in need of further resources and support. As

a result, I believe information from the Office of Women’s Programs

and Studies, CSU police department and Hartshorn Health Services

would have served a greater purpose than the national statistics

offered in the article that are several years out of date and

unconnected to CSU.

The Office of Women’s Programs and Studies is home to the Victim

Assistance Team (VAT). This service is available 24-hours a day 365

days a year, and can be accessed by dialing 491-7111 and asking for

a VAT advocate. Utilizing this service does not require individuals

to automatically report the incident as a crime or immediately

visit the hospital. To the contrary, VAT advocates are trained to

provide individuals with accurate information that will allow the

individual to make the best personal decisions. In the future, it

is my hope that the Collegian’s writers will make a greater effort

to seek out on campus resources, which are here for the very

purpose of serving students.

Emily Gaspar

Hall Director, Newsom Hall

Student Affairs in Higher Education graduate program

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