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Nov 012004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The New York Times wants you to vote for Sen. John Kerry.

The New York Post wants you to vote for President George W.


The Collegian wants you to make up your own mind.

In an election that has divided party lines and filled voters

with uncertainty, the Collegian is not endorsing any political

candidates in this election.

A newspaper is meant to distribute information. It is not a

means to tell people how to think or what to believe – it is never

supposed to choose sides.

One of the pillars of journalism is objectivity. Of course, we

all have opinions – we’re human – but we shed these opinions when

we choose what will be in the newspaper.

The Collegian has made every effort to be as neutral as possible

in its election coverage. To cross this line and tell our readers

how we will vote and why would sacrifice the impartiality we have

tried so hard to achieve.

A university is a place where students can expand their horizons

and learn to make educated decisions on their own. Everyone on the

Collegian’s editorial staff is a student. We are still learning.

Our readers are still learning.

We do want you to vote, but we don’t have the right to tell you

how to vote.

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