Nov 012004
Authors: James Baetke

Today is the day it seems everyone has been waiting for:

Election Day.

No matter what their plans are for the night, people can be

assured there will be election parties and events going on in the

middle of all the political chaos.

Television stations will devote time to election results,

especially in the national presidential election. Local Fort

Collins races will also compete for the attention of voters and the

media, including the race between Bob Bacon, Ray Martinez and Mark

Brophy for a seat in the state Senate and the race between Angie

Paccione and Ed Haynes for the state House of Representatives.

Denver Democrats will be hosting a party for their supporters at

7:30 p.m. tonight at the Denver Marriott, 1701 California St., and

no tickets or reservations are necessary for entry. Sen. John

Kerry’s campaign representatives, U.S. Senate candidate Ken Salazar

and U.S. House of Representatives candidate Stan Matsunaka are

expected to appear.

Steve Haro, the director of communications for the Kerry/John

Edwards campaign in Colorado, said his camp will await results from

the presidential election at the Denver Democrats party.

“We have capacity for 3,000 people and we would like to fill

that,” Haro said.

The Denver Tech Center Marriott, 4900 S. Syracuse St., will host

a Republican party where many Republican candidates will make an

appearance among supporters.

Colorado Gov. Bill Owens and representatives Bob Beauprez and

Tom Tancredo are scheduled to attend.

The Larimer County Republicans will be hosting an event at 7

p.m. at the Opera Galleria, 123 N. College Ave., and many local

candidates will attend.

Bob Osmundson, a volunteer with the LCR, said Martinez and U.S

House of Representatives incumbent Marilyn Musgrave will make

appearances while other candidates will make it their headquarters

for the night.

“Some candidates may be there the whole night,” Osmundson


Gray McGinnis, campaign manager for Bacon, said Bacon would be

at the local Democratic Party headquarters surrounded by

supporters, family and friends.

Locally, the CSU Young Democrats will be at both the celebration

in downtown Denver and at a potluck at the Larimer County

Democratic headquarters at 555 Howes St. beginning at 6:30 p.m.



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