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Authors: Nicholas LoFaro

10. DJ Shadow, “In Tune and On Time, Live!”

Ranking in as hip-hop’s hottest and most chilling beat-maker, DJ

Shadow combines the ambient melodies of strings and voices and the

haunting elements of organs and other ghostly instruments. The

tracks “Giving Up the Ghost,” and “Organ Donor” are guaranteed to

send goose bumps up your arms and make your neighbors worry about


9. Iron Maiden, “The Number of the Beast”

Iron Maiden’s obsession with Satan, death and destruction, laced

with British accents, will throw you back to a time when B-rated

horror flicks were cool. With songs such as “Children of the

Damned,” “666” and “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” you’ll want to throw

your devil-horned fist into the air, stick out your tongue and,

well, grow a mullet. Mullets? Definitely scary!

8. Blue Oyster Cult, “Cult Classic”

Blue Oyster Cult’s East Coast “Extraterrestrial Intelligence”

has this greatest hits album screaming with death. The song

“Godzilla” will make you want to see “Cities On Flame with Rock ‘n’

Roll” and the classic “Don’t Fear the Reaper” will haunt your

dreams and will infect you with a disease that can only be cured by

more cow-bell!

7. White Zombie, “La Sexorcisto”

Before Rob Zombie’s solo career, White Zombie kicked out jams

mean enough to wake the dead. Aided only by their love of full

moons and “Black Sunshine,” Rob and his team of psycho-holics

scared parents all over the world and made hell their only


6. Spooks, “Faster Than You Know”

One of the only hip-hop artists to gain their fame by pioneering

haunting female vocals over ghost beats and rap lyrics revolving

around hell in the streets and sins in the mind. “Don’t Be Afraid,”

“Misery” and the darkened street jam “Eulogy” will keep parties



Nothing is more blood curdling, bone chilling and hair-raising

than five corporate pretty boys singing in harmony about their

feelings. If this album doesn’t make you want to keep your head

under the water while bobbing for apples then maybe you should let

that monster under your bed eat you in your sleep. With songs such

as “Tearin’ Up my Heart,” “I Need Love” and the ever-frightening

“Sailing,” you’ll finally be able to understand where serial

killers get their motivation. Cue the full-body chills…

4. Misfits, any of their albums

Utilizing B-movie-style artwork, slick, black “devil lock”

hairstyles and horror make-up, the Misfits have haunted the punk

scene and the hearts of parents since the ’80s. Glenn Danzig’s

ghost vocals, reminiscent of a survived Jim Morrison, combined with

creature-like guitar riffs and lyrics dead-icated to monsters and

devils everywhere, make the Misfits a band created to sing the

sorrow of All Hallow’s Eve.

3. A.F.I., “All Hallow’s E.P.”

Davey Havok, the singer described as “the ghost upon the stage”

invites you on a four-song adventure through the graveyard of punk

rock. With songs about “fall children filling the street at dusk,”

and “a boy who destroyed the world,” A.F.I. is sure to get you to

remember a Halloween with “candy apples with razor blades.”

2. Ozzy Osbourne, “Blizzard of Ozz”

Come on, he’s the prince of f***in’ darkness! Ozzy’s madness

combined with the acrobatic guitar solos of the late, great Randy

Rhoads make “Blizzard” a classic for Halloween and rock ‘n’ roll as

well. The bite of the best metal song ever recorded, “Crazy Train”

and the organs and origins of the song “Mr. Crowley,” will leave

you howling at the moon.

1. Michael Jackson, “Thriller”

Before Michael Jackson lost his mind, he was a mind-blowing

artist. The video for “Thriller,” and the song itself, screamed its

way out of the graveyard to the top of the charts and became the

ultimate dance anthem for Halloween. And if this album isn’t scary

enough for you, consider modern day Wacko Jacko’s glow in the dark,

white, nose-less face cuddled up with your children! Cue the

full-body chills again!

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