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Oct 312004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It’s not just NHL players who are demanding an increase in


CSU adjunct professors are now insisting that the university pay

them what they are worth, the only difference is that their salary

levels are in the thousands, while hockey players make millions.

Let’s just hope our adjunct instructors don’t strike.

Simply put, the university cannot survive without adjuncts and

the instructors aren’t the only ones being hurt by the university’s

substandard employment practices.

If it hasn’t happened already, students will most likely soon

begin to see the consequences of the issues that adjunct

instructors, who are teaching an increasing number of classes at

CSU, are now highlighting.

Adjunct professors, primarily in the English department, but in

other departments as well, say they are not only paid less than

tenured professors but also less than adjunct professors at other

universities. If this is the case, we could soon be seeing a

massive emigration of quality instructors off our campus. And if

tenured professors are receiving pay raises then so should


Of even greater concern is the fact that many of these

instructors are not notified until just weeks before the start of

the semester that they will be teaching. There is no way these

instructors can effectively prepare for a class in three weeks and

students are the ones who get hurt.

University officials point the finger to budget cuts, but say

they are trying to rectify the situation. Time has run out for

trying – something needs to be changed immediately before the

quality of education at our university begins a downward slide too

fast to stop.

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