Oct 312004
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Hold on to your guts for this one. With the two taglines “How

F*cked up is it?” and “How much blood would you shed to stay

alive?” you know you’re in for a ride once you take your seat.

“Saw” is the most intense movie to hit the theatres in a long time.

It opens with Adam, played by screenwriter Leigh Whannel, chained

to a pipe across the room from Dr. Lawrence Gordon, played by none

other than Carey Elwes, who also played Westley in “The Princess

Bride.” The two have been kidnapped from life by a psychopath known

as the Jigsaw killer, who puts his victims into situations where

they’re either going to kill themselves, or lose a lot of blood

trying. Adam and Dr. Gordon have been locked up in what appears to

be an old rundown locker room. As they look around they start to

discover clues about their purpose for being taken and possible

ways to escape. Danny Glover also costars as a cop hot on the trail

of Jigsaw and leads to unfathomable twists in the story. In the

flashback scenes of Jigsaw’s previous murders a unique style is

used of speeding up the film and putting speed electro/metal music

to the movie, giving it a psychotic feel and pushing you more into

the plot.

Greatly influenced by thrillers such as “Seven” and “Cube,”

first time director James Waan proves himself to be an amazing man

with a knack for film and a bright future in the industry. If a

psychotic/detective/messed-up-in-the-head movie is what you’re

looking for, then check yourself into “Saw.” Oh and as for the last

20 minutes, watch out, there’s no way to prepare for what you’ll be

seeing. Nothing can give the intensity that is “Saw” enough

justice, although the word insane does come to mind.

Four out of four rams

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