Oct 282004
Authors: Scott Bondy, Paul Baker

Topic 1: The University of Florida recently fired head football

coach, Ron Zook, along with the rest of the coaching staff. Florida

is a great football school with one of the best stadiums in the

country, a great football tradition and many successful alumni. Who

should take over for Zook, and can they return the university to a

football powerhouse?

Baker: Ex-Florida coach Steve Spurrier should definitely come

back. He has showed interest and looks to be the prime candidate

for the job.

Bondy: He thought he was too good for Florida when he left. Why

should they let him come back?

Baker: He is one of the most successful coaches in college

football history with a record of 122-27-1.

Bondy: Spurrier is a tool. I don’t think I’ve seen one interview

with the guy where I didn’t want to hit him in the face. The way he

talks, the way he yells, the way he walks — all scream tool.

Baker: But bottom line is — he can win.

Bondy: His last coaching gig doesn’t show that.

Topic 2: We are going to stray aside from the common and more

popular sports to talk about one that is close to Paul’s heart.

This year, Lance Armstrong recorded his sixth victory in the Tour

de France. Organizers of the tour have decided to “Lance proof” the

race in 2005, making it easier for others to beat Armstrong. Is

this fair, and why are those crazy Europeans so jealous?

Baker: It’s really funny to hear them say “Lance proof.” They

change the course every year and that’s what makes Armstrong so

great, he can win on any type or length or course.

Bondy: You just feel a connection with him because you shave

your legs too.

Baker: The ladies like that.

Bondy: I agree that Armstrong is the best. They really are

jealous though. They spit, curse and throw things at him. They’re

just a bunch of Lance-haters and can’t accept the fact that he is


Topic 3: Q and A Lighting Round

Bondy: Who wins, Oklahoma or Oklahoma State?

Baker: It’ll be close, but the Sooners pull through because

Adrian Peterson is just a straight-up badass.

Baker: Bud Light or Key Light?

Bondy: The Collegian cannot comment on this issue.

Bondy: Better sports talk show. “Pardon the Interruption” or

“Around the Horn?”

Baker: You can’t go wrong with two bald guys arguing.

Baker: Better lip-syncer, Ashlee Simpson or me?

Bondy: Ashlee can get away with it because she’s hot.

Bondy: MVP of the World Series?

Baker: Damon for the World Series, Ortiz for the postseason.

Topic 4: Rammies vs. Lobos this weekend. It’s another Mountain

West match-up and conference title hopes are still alive. Will we

beat New Mexico this weekend?

Baker: Absolutely. We look like a totally different team out

there these past couple weeks.

Bondy: Defense is now the strong point on this team. The offense

has been tweaked because Hanie is in there, but the D has really

stepped up.

Baker: We look like more of a balanced team. Balance wins games.

I say CSU wins 24-14.

Bondy: I think New Mexico will be held to one score with a final

of 21-7.

Closing Statements and words to the wise:

Baker: I’ll try anything once, twice if it’s for money.

Bondy: That’s why you are dressing up as the pink princess from

Mario Bros. for Halloween.

Paul Baker is a junior health and exercise science major. Scott

Bondy is a double major in psychology and technical journalism.

Their column runs every Friday.


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