Oct 282004
Authors: Brian Park

Editor’s note: The Collegian published an interview with Ray

Martinez on Tuesday that was taken from his Web site and attributed

to Brian Park. The following is a transcript of the actual


Ray Martinez is the Republican candidate running for the State

Senate in District 14 against Democratic candidate Bob Bacon and

Libertarian candidate Mark Brophy.

Democrat Peggy Reeves holds the seat, but she is stepping down

because she of term limits.

Martinez was born in Grand Junction and now resides in Fort

Collins. He graduated from Aims Community College in 1986 with an

Associate’s Degree in Social Justice.

Martinez is currently the mayor of Fort Collins. This is his

third term as mayor and he will step down in April 2005 due to


He ran for the City Council District 3 seat in 1997 and lost.

Martinez served three years in the United States Army before

joining Fort Collins Police Services in 1974. Martinez was

appointed Sergeant in 1982 and retired in 1996. He has also written

two books.

Q: What is the most important issue you want to address as

Election Day draws nearer?

A: … most important issue facing Coloradans right now, even

though I don’t think Coloradans fully understand it, is TABOR and

Amendment 23 because overall they’re affecting the budget. I think

the biggest things are higher education, transportation, our water

supply, jobs and the economy. One is not more important than the

other because they all intertwine, they intermix and one affects

the other. You’ve got to have to be able to move commerce in order

to create business and new jobs. You’ve got to have water to be

able to build. You’ve got to have enough reservoirs for expansion

or you can’t build anymore.

Q: Another big issue of this election is health care. What can

you do to help people of this community and Colorado get access to

health care?

A: I think we have got to be able to promote and allow more

personal health savings accounts.

Q: How can you help preserve the natural beauty of Colorado and

what are your policies on the environment?

A: I’m all in favor of it but it has to be cost effective. It

can be a burden to the homeowner. For example we’re trying to get

renewable energy (Amendment 37) but how much does it cost to get

that renewable energy. Great idea, great concept, and I believe

that we need it and I’ve always endorsed it… but in Fort Collins

we were the first to start wind energy in the state of Colorado. We

got 10 wind turbines in Wyoming… I’m very much in favor of trying

to provide benefits to companies who can create renewable energy or

save energy… we’re definitely into the Clean Air Act and I think

we do better than most places in Colorado.

Q: How do you feel about the “Ray Likes To Travel” commercials

and pamphlets that have been showing and distributed lately?

A: (They’re) totally blown out of proportion, which is very

typical. The opponents want them blown out of proportion. There is

no truth, no merit to them. Trips that I take, first of all I’m

supposed to sell the city to other cities, other companies and

other organizations to make sure we’re on the map in Fort Collins

and we’ve done it. Here’s an example, some of the comments they

made we’re about running up a bar tab, OK, at a bar. If you fly in

on a late flight and the restaurant is closed at nine o’clock or 10

o’clock you have to eat at the bar, it’s the only place where you

can eat. And that’s usually where I get a late dinner from if I

come in on a late flight. So that’s the bar tab part. The mini-bar

they’re talking about, I go out for a jog, I come back in, shower

up and grab a bottle of water or bottle of orange juice. It’s lead

to believe that I’m sitting in my room drinking and that’s not the

case. The spa that they’re talking about is running on a treadmill.

Now a couple of times I admit I think that must have got mis-billed

or something because I usually pay for those things… that’s what

that is, it’s not getting a massage and all these things they

mislead the reader to believe… yes, the trips are worth (the

money spent), yes, they’re needed, yes, you bring ideas back that

help our city and the people here… I have a take home pay of $660

a month. I think I average about $2 an hour from the city of Fort

Collins. It’s not a bad deal for the people; it’s really a good

deal. People think I earn $60,000 a year being the mayor, you

don’t. This is strictly your own energy. So I’m not even making,

what do they call it, minimum wage. I’m barely making that.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add?

A: … I don’t believe in playing dirty politics. I don’t

believe in lying about the opponent. I don’t believe in making

things up about my opponents. We are not going to be on the attack,

it’s too easy. I have all kinds of things I could attack Bob Bacon

on. We could play that game and I think we could be very damaging.

But we could also get a reputation of leading negative campaigns.

We were committed from the outset when we started this campaign. I

said here’s the rules, the basic rules. We are not going to go on

the attack and we’re going to stick to the issues.

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