Lobos prowl into town

Oct 282004
Authors: Preston Cagle

Two conference games: the first saw true freshman Caleb Hanie

come in at quarterback after junior starter Justin Holland went

down, while the Rams were trailing on the road with time running

out. The second was a rivalry, Hanie’s first start and will be the

first game in 19 that the leading receiver (David Anderson) will

not catch a pass. Most teams would write those off as two tough

losses, but the CSU Rams (3-4, 2-1 MWC) are riding their first win

streak this year, and looking for three in a row as the Lobos of

New Mexico (4-4, 2-2 MWC) come to Fort Collins.

“I’m just proud of ’em and everything we’ve been through this

year,” said head coach Lubick after a big win versus Wyoming last

week. “To come back and play like we have with a new quarterback,

we played some tough football teams early in the year, and we hung

in there and didn’t give up. In the last few ball games we’ve

played our best few ball games.”

In those wins, the defense has stepped up to allow just 24

points. Safeties Ben Stratton and Adam Lancisero have been leading

the way in the secondary making receivers pay for coming across the

middle. The Lobo offense is led onto the field by sophomore

quarterback Kole McKamey, who has thrown for 772 yards and three

touchdowns, but also has five interceptions on the season.

“It’s big time, we know our work isn’t done though,” said senior

H-back Joel Dreessen. “We got a big game this week to try ad make

it three in a row.”

The Rams will have to focus on the running game this week as the

Lobos are led by junior running back DonTrell Moore. Moore comes

into the game with 677 yards and three touchdowns, and has been

assisted by McKamey who has rushed for another 132 yards and four

touchdowns on the ground.

“The biggest thing is wrapping up the running backs,” said

senior Adam Lancisero. “The biggest thing is shutting down the run

this week. They are going to come with some play action pass, but

we’ll be ready for it.”

The Lobos will be trying to confuse freshman quarterback Caleb

Hanie with their defensive alignments and shifts. This week at

practice, the Rams have worked on helping the Hanie’s defensive

recognition and the offensive line and tight ends have been working

to recognize their assignments and changes as well.

“We gotta get our running game going. We gotta be physical. They

have a defense where they are going to try and confuse you and make

you tentative,” said senior offensive lineman Erik Pears. “We have

to just come off the ball physically and open up some holes.”

The Rams will also be relying on their running game to help

their quarterback get going as well. Coming off of their first solo

100+ yard rushing performance this season (Jimmy Green) the Rams

will need more to give the play action and down field routes time

to open up, and to chew up some of the clock.

“It’s a lot easier blocking for guys who can break that first

tackle,” said Dreessen. “Just because he’s such a powerful kid, it

makes it easier blocking knowing those 2-yard gains are going to be

turned into 5-yard gains.”

The Rams are coming off of an emotional victory in the Border

War versus Wyoming, but do not think a let down is in store for

them. They know they have to keep winning to reach their goals for

the end of the season.

“I’d say we have some confidence built up now,” Lancisero said.

“We are playing with a lot of emotion right now and having fun. We

have a great group of seniors right now, and you can just tell we

want to win.”

Kickoff is at 1 p.m. on Saturday and the game will be televised

on ESPNplus, which can be seen on KTVD-20.

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