Oct 272004
Authors: Megan Read

As Halloween draws near, many CSU students are trying to decide

what costumes they will wear.

Some extreme Halloween fans have been putting their costumes

together for weeks. Other students, such as junior psychology major

Sarah Gleason, are getting outfits together simply so they can go

to Halloween parties with their friends.

“I am dressing up because all of my friends are and I’ll feel

left out if I don’t,” Gleason said.

Freshman speech communications major Adam Paul enjoys dressing

up for Halloween and already has a costume picked out for the big


“I am dressing up as Quailman from the cartoon ‘Doug’ and I’ll

probably go hang out with my friends at some parties,” Paul


Costume stores around Fort Collins, such as Life of the Party,

137 S. College Ave., have been busy the past few weeks getting CSU

students and Fort Collins residents ready for the Sunday


“Every year, the closer to Halloween it gets, the busier it

gets. On Halloween, it’s completely packed,” said Scott Schultz, a

sales associate at Life of the Party.

Another costume shop that has been swarming with costumers is

the Halloween Costume Store in Foothills Mall, 215 E. Foothills

Parkway, Unit J-10.

Chris Simpson, a sales associate at the Halloween Costume Store,

said revealing costumes are a big hit with women this year.

“The top-selling item for females this Halloween are the Lake

Avenue costumes, which are really sexy outfits,” Simpson said.

Simpson also said the Halloween store has been selling an

abundance of “Billy Bob teeth” and mullet wigs as funny costume


Associates at Life of the Party have been selling a different

type of costume.

“For us, pirate costumes have been the best-selling item,”

Schultz said.

Although many people are dressing up this Halloween, there are

also many students who decide not to, including open-option

freshman Jordan Bulwan. Bulwan is not getting a costume together

for financial reasons.

“I’m not dressing up this year because I’m too poor and don’t

want to spend my money on a costume,” Bulwan said.

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