PAlmost True

Oct 272004
Authors: Ann Marie Stecker

In the spirit of Halloween and for the thrill of adventure, I

decided to do something a bit outside of the normal fall

festivities. One cloudy Sunday, while my friends went to corn mazes

and scary movies, I went to a psychic for a palm reading.

I gathered up my boyfriend (and his money), and headed down to

Harmony and Timberline roads where a woman named Psychic Kay works

her magic out of a cute little pink house at 2024 E. Harmony


When Kay joined us in the thickly incensed front room, she

wasted no time in beginning the palmistry ritual. She lit a candle

for both my guy and me, asking us to recite our full names, birth

dates and astrological signs. As she tapped into my chakra using a

crystal wand, I couldn’t help but feel nervous about what I was

about to undergo.

To my great relief, Kay did not tell me to expect death at age

25, nor did she tell me how many kids I was destined to bear. But,

she did give me some interesting advice that seemed curiously

pertinent to my life. She even knew I was a writer – weeiird!

I left feeling awed by Kay’s insight into my problems and

habits; however, my boyfriend was not quite as impressed. Having

his doubts, he said you could probably take any piece of the

conversation and “make” it true. Who knows?

I guess the feedback you get from your average psychic is pretty

subjective, and it may not always be true, but hey, it is fun.

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