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Oct 272004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Here’s a question – who’s running the country while President

Bush and Sen. John Kerry are going head-to-head for our votes?

President Bush has left Pennsylvania Avenue, Sen. Kerry has left

Congress, The Terminator has left California and Bill Clinton …

well he’s had to take a break from his latest book promotion. All

these current or former politicians have been busy campaigning for

themselves, or each other, the past several months, rather than

concentrating on the duties they were elected to fulfill.

It is obvious that the American system of political campaigning

has gotten out of hand and the main job of a politician has morphed

from protecting the public good, to getting elected and staying


The reason we elect these politicians is to do something

meaningful while in office. Instead of empty promises along the

campaign trail, we want the people we elect to prove they were

worth that precious vote.

Something about the process has to be changed. At this point,

constant and pervasive campaigning has become the only way for

candidates to compete with each other. They’re on the road at a

break-neck pace simply to stay afloat in the election.

Perhaps we should change the system of political campaigning to

a one-week, perhaps one-month, process; then the inundation of

campaigning could be annoying instead of paralyzing.

Politicians, you have a duty – respect that.

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