Oct 272004
Authors: Gabrielle Heise

Despite the frigid temperatures, some women will inevitably be

taking it off this weekend.

Every year women brave the cold in the smallest, most suggestive

costumes that they can find. Taking a look around this weekend will

likely prove a vast array of French maids, sexy schoolgirls and

different variations of prostitutes.

“(My costume is) a little shorter than I’d normally wear but

it’s not slutty; a lot of my friends are going slutty, though,”

said Sarah Rasmus, a senior social work student.

Doctor John’s Adult Novelty and Lingerie Boutique, 225 N.

College Ave., has generally 35 percent more business this time of

year. The store offers a variety of provocative costumes ranging

from naughty nuns and doctors to an Eve costume that includes only

a G-string, bra and hairpiece. The most popular costume this year

has been an outfit that includes a tight-fitting, short white dress

and doctor accessories.

“Seventy-five percent of (the costumes) I wouldn’t wear in

public and a lot of them you wouldn’t be let into a bar in,” said

Donna Elliot, manager of Doctor John’s.

In the more traditional costume shops the sexy costumes are

still readily available but with a little more material than you

will find at Dr. John’s.

Life of The Party, 137 S. College Ave., has an assortment of

different costumes. About 80 percent of the women who go into the

shop are looking for something sexy or revealing, said Robyn

Mascalino, manager of Life of the Party. This year the sexy pirate

costume has been the most popular, followed by the sultry


The most popular male costume this year at Life of the Party is

a giant chicken costume, Mascalino said.

“There has been no girl gorilla’s or chicken’s this year,”

Mascalino said.

Kristen Trull, a senior psychology major, said Halloween is more

about getting to be something you’re not.

“It is just a time that you can (wear revealing clothing) —

without necessarily being portrayed as slutty,” Trull said.

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