To the editor:

Oct 262004

The reply of J.T. Davis to last week’s Democrat rally on

Wednesday lacked justification. J.T. seemed to think it was

desperation bringing Democrats to campus; I believe the CSU

community feels otherwise.

It is interesting to hear the College Republicans comment on the

numbers of Democrats visiting campus, when it seems that Republican

candidates don’t care enough about the student vote to make an

appearance. The College Republicans have brought candidates to

campus only once or twice the entire semester. We have yet to see

any national Republican candidates or campaign representatives.

The CSU Young Democrats feel that informing voters is important,

which is why we have brought so many candidates to campus. Every

single local candidate, (John Kefalas – HD 52, Angie Paccione – HD

53, Bob Bacon – Senate District 14, Karen Wagner and Roger Hoffman

– county commissioners) have come to campus on multiple occasions.

Stan Matsunaka, candidate for the 4th congressional district came

to campus many times; last week alone he was on the Lory Student

Center Plaza speaking with students three times. Ken Salazar, who

is in one of the most important Senate races in the nation, came to

speak and visit with students last week. Both of Sen. John Kerry’s

stepsons and his wife, Theresa, have also come to campus.

So many Democrats are visiting students at CSU because it is

Democrats who care about the interests and concerns of students and

will actually represent them in government. Democrats will fight in

Denver for affordable higher education and Democrats will fight in

Washington against irresponsible environmental and public health

policy, of which the Bush administration and many members of the

Republican Party are responsible. Vote Democrat in 2004!

Josh Metten

CSU Young Democrats

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