Oct 262004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

I’m thinking about voting for President Bush.

Not because I necessarily support his platform – but because the

man can throw a good party.

I went to hear Bush speak in Greeley on Monday.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I was expecting some intense talk about

politics, maybe some ideas that would help me decide whom I want to

vote for.

Instead, I found a three-ring circus.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. Monday, anxious to get a good spot where

I could see this infamous speech-giving president of ours.

When I finally made it through the doors of the Island Grove

Event Center, 501 N. 14th St., I thought maybe I had stumbled into

the wrong maximum-security event.

A live band belted out ’50s and ’60s hits like Van Morrison’s

“Brown-Eyed Girl” and Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba.”

People were dancing. People were singing. It was 8 a.m.

I thought surely all this hullabaloo would come to an end soon

so we could get down to the issues.

But it never stopped.

This carnival-like event continued into the morning.

After hearing two live bands, and some heavy name-dropping from

various politically minded individuals in Colorado, it was time to

see the president.

Have you ever been to a really big rock concert? You know, the

kind where they dim the lights a few minutes before the band comes

out and the crowd goes wild. Stage rushing is usually in order, as

well as screaming at the top of your lungs, hoping desperately that

if you’re louder you’ll hear that amazing music sooner.

The constituents of Greeley wanted to hear the sweet music of

President George W. Bush.

Maybe I was wrong to not expect this kind of treatment for the

U.S. president. Obviously the man has celebrity status, but for

some reason I expected a different kind of welcome for our

commander in chief than for Mick Jagger.

So, up until this point, my whole morning had been surreal.

Maybe it was because I had only slept four hours, or maybe it was

because I was at a party hosted by G.W. himself.

Either way, I was ready to get to the real deal. I wanted to

know why I should or should not vote for Bush. I couldn’t think of

a better person to answer.

After expected delays, the man of the hour finally strutted

across the stage.

This was it, I thought, now he will shower me with all the

wisdom that I’ve been waiting so long to hear.


Bush stepped up to the podium at about 10 a.m. He talked for an

hour. I didn’t learn anything. In fact, I didn’t even hear anything

that sounded slightly new or unfamiliar.

His speech opened up with promises to lower taxes, figure out

health care once and for all and, of course, to fight those damn


These are all good things. But I might as well have just flipped

on CNN and heard every politician in the country tout the pillars

of the free world.

At least 45 minutes of Bush’s speech focused on his grand plans

to rid the world of terrorism. I think that’s a great idea. I think

it’s great that Bush is passionate about it. But you would have had

to been living under a rock to not know that. I want to hear

something new, something that hasn’t been obscenely publicized.

Then maybe I could begin to base my vote off of something that

mattered, not just the same re-heated political jargon.

No dice. I’m still undecided. The election is in less than a


But at least I know that Bush can rock.

After his speech, in true rock star style, our president tossed

his jacket off and jumped into the crowd.

Ladies swarmed him. Gentlemen shook his hand. And I wandered out

dazed, wondering if I just expect too much from our political


Adrienne Hoenig is a senior journalism major. She is also the

campus/diversity editor at the Collegian.

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