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Oct 262004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

“Bring the booze back to Hughes.”

This battle cry echoes through the stands at Sonny Lubick Field

at Hughes Stadium on signs and voices, yet the cries of outrage

remain sparse at the Alcohol Task Force meetings.

At the last meeting on Thursday, only 15 to 20 people attended

to speak their minds against the ban. To add insult to injury, many

of these protesters were not even students. This miniscule

attendance shows an overwhelming apathy from CSU students.

While students may not have a problem drinking in rebellion of

the ban and complaining to others about the ban, they seem to have

a problem doing something productive about how they feel.

With such a small turnout at these meetings, why should the

administration care about reinstating alcohol sales at Hughes?

The task force was established to examine the alcohol culture at

CSU, and judging from what we’ve heard, alcohol sales at Hughes are

an important part of that culture.

If you want to “bring the booze back to Hughes,” come and tell

the people in charge how you feel. The next Alcohol Task Force

meeting will be from 3 to 6 p.m. Thursday in room 228 of the Lory

Student Center.

You have a voice. You have an opinion. Use them both.

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