Oct 262004
Authors: Christiana Nelson

Early Sunday morning unknown persons broke into the Lory Student

Center, rummaged through offices and stole supplies from a storage

closet – the latest in a recent series of thefts and burglaries at

the student center.

“I’m still talking to people because it seems that more

incidents have occurred prior to this weekend,” said Cpl. Veronica

Olivas of the CSU Police Department. “I haven’t even put all the

pieces together to see if they are all connected or separate.”

There was no forced entry in the Sunday morning theft.

The student center closes at midnight on Saturday and re-opens

at 11 a.m. Sunday, so Robert Peters, director of business services

at the student center, believes the Sunday break-in occurred

between those times.

“Someone gained access to the offices and the employee locker

room,” Peters said. “They went through files and desks, but there

is nothing that we can tell missing from the offices.”

The Lory Dining Service office and the University Club were the

only two offices affected by the Sunday morning break-in. In

addition, about $15 worth of products disappeared from a storage

room, Peters said.

During the break-in, Joy Durol’s office and personal files were

also rummaged through, but she said nothing was missing.

“It was not ransacked; it was as though somebody got into locked

files and looked at things. They were looking for something,” said

Durol, assistant director of the Lory Dining Service.

Durol said she was shocked when she found her personal file

cabinets open after she had locked them prior to leaving for the

weekend, especially in light of the heavy security at the dining

office, which includes limited key holding privileges, even for

employees. “No copy” keys and an extra-secure key system are used

to protect the technological equipment in the office.

Peters and Durol believe the person or people involved in the

crime may have gained access to the building with a key lost by a

faculty member or by staying inside the student center after

closing hours.

Current safety measures at the student center include video

cameras dispersed throughout the building, exterior and interior

door locks as well as a building inspection by two building

managers prior to closing, Peters said.

Still, following the recent burglary, the university is

reevaluating the student center’s security.

“We are in the process of re-keying the entire outside (of the

student center) as well as (important) internal offices, which will

make us considerably more secure,” Peters said. “We still won’t

change the locks every time keys get lost – it is a very expensive


While the investigation continues, Olivas encouraged students

and faculty to take responsibility for their possessions, as it

remains unclear what the perpetrators were searching for when they

broke into the student center.

“People need to secure valuables, report crimes and report

suspicious behavior to police, keep track of individual property –

you can’t leave anything unattended,” Olivas said.

She added that keeping track of one’s belongings is important

anywhere on campus, but should be focused on when at the student

center, pending the conclusion of the investigation into the recent

thefts and burglaries.

“There have always been thefts and burglaries on campus, but

there seems to be a series of crimes occurring at the student

center,” Olivas said. “We’ll continue to investigate until we

figure out what is going on over there.”

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