Forever Young

Oct 262004
Authors: Kelly Hagenah

I’ve been told that youth is wasted on the young. The older I

get, and the more I reminisce on my childhood, the more I realize

how true that statement is. You could argue that not appreciating

what we have until it’s too late is just a way of life, and that

even if we were granted another chance at childhood we probably

would end up missing our adult life. Still, no matter what you

believe, the possibility of having a second childhood is one notion

we wouldn’t turn down. Children live their life how we all wish we

could – to the fullest without worry, regret or routine. Kids don’t

have to care and they don’t need to over think anything since they

take life as it is. They do what they want to do despite the

consequences because when you’re filled with innocence, wonder and

endless energy life can be carefree. Yes, growing up is

unavoidable, but no one ever said we had to leave our childhood

ways behind us. So who’s to say that as adults we can’t live our

life the way a child does?

I want to be forever young. I want to live as I once did, and

ignore the fact that my life has changed and could never be as

lighthearted as it once was. I want to live like a kid, and make my

life that much more enjoyable. I want to stay up all night long for

the right reasons. Not because that’s what drunken college kids

like to do or have to do when we have a big exam. I want to stay up

all night because I don’t want the day to end. Because I don’t want

to miss out on one minute more than I have to, so I can enjoy the

night and the mystery it holds. So I can imagine what’s up there

among the stars, and watch in wonder as the sun rises to bring me a

new day. I want to wake up as early as a child does. I want to jump

out of bed and take the morning by surprise when I don’t hit the

snooze button. I want to use the morning for the fresh beginning it

promises and not for all the things I have on my “to do” list. I

don’t want to worry about the way I look. I want to run everywhere,

not to burn calories, but to feel like the wind and get somewhere

faster just to be there. I want to eat whatever I want and not

think about carbs, fats, fiber and sugar. I want to throw on

whatever I think looks good (and clean) and feel fabulous. I want

to say what’s on my mind and not worry about what people will

think. I want to feel as though my thoughts and opinions are as

significant as anyone else’s, and not recognize the power

structures that would tell me different. I want to do things only

because I want to do them. And I only want to do something for

someone else when it is to make them happy, which in the end makes

me feel pretty good as well. I want to have a million things going

on at once and not get stressed out. I want to think every day is

made for me. I want a stuffed animal to provide all the comforts I

need. I want ladybugs to represent the chance for wishes to come

true and butterflies as a form of entertainment. I want the world

to feel once again as simple and beautiful as it was back then.

If first impressions last forever, and if first experiences are

never forgotten, then why do we drift from our past? There is a

reason that our first impression of the world is created within our

childhood, and that our first experiences in life come while we are

children. Those moments and those feelings are never supposed to

end because we should live forever young.

Kelly Hagenah is a senior speech communications major. Her

column runs every Wednesday in the Collegian.

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