Bauer Gives Rams Definition

Oct 262004
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Name: Casey Shannon Bauer

Year in School: Junior

Position: Outside hitter

Crazy Random Fact: Holds the state record for high school kills

in one game in Colorado with 43 at Montezuma Cortez High


composed (com*posed), adj. calm; tranquil; serene

Emotions run high in volleyball as adrenaline fuels big plays,

dissolves crowd noise and obliterates pain. Every muscle tenses in

anticipation of an approaching attacker, a set hanging for a split

second in midair or an ominous jump serve.

For junior outside hitter Casey Bauer, these are the calm before

the storm. Bauer describes herself as a composed player, and has

followed through with strategically placed kills and big plays in

clutch situations all season. As a recent example, Bauer

contributed 12 kills this past weekend to help the Rams easily soar

over Air Force.

Composure ebbs throughout other aspects of Bauer’s life, too.

The Cortez native is a human development major with a focus on

children and after her tenure as a Ram, Bauer aspires to go into

social work – a field where keeping cool is absolutely vital on a

daily basis.

Bauer has refrained from getting a tattoo and doesn’t plan on

getting one.

“I would get a nose ring if I had to get something, but I think

my parents would be pretty upset,” Bauer said.

Bauer exhibits poise in her literary works of choice as well.

“Tuesdays with Morrie” tops her list of favorite books, a work that

emanates with heartfelt tranquility. Bauer is also a big fan of all

the Harry Potter books.

elevated (ele*vat*ed), adj., 1. raised up, esp. above ground 2.

increased above the

normal level 3. exalted or noble; lofty.

The 6-foot Bauer also describes her playing style as elevated,

but she doesn’t just extend herself to reach for sets above the

net. She also strives to succeed in academics, specifically when it

comes to her favorite class Death, Dying and Grief, taught by

instructor Jen Aberle.

“It is really interesting, although it is kind of depressing

sometimes since we talk about dying all the time,” Bauer said.

When it comes to a few of her favorite things, Bauer has an

elevated opinion of chocolate, Sheryl Crow and a particularly

comfortable, oversized, white sweatshirt she has confiscated.

“It’s my boyfriend’s and I wear it every day. Of course it’s

white, so it is always a mess when I wash it,” she said.

competitive (com*pet*i*tive), adj., having a strong desire to

compete or succeed.

Along with her elevated nature, Bauer also said that she is

competitive on the court and proves it by averaging 2.72 kills per

game. This attribute drives her to thrive when she is not in Moby

Arena, as she can be found at Morgan Library when she has a free

moment to spare.

As Bauer storms over blocks in games and rains kills over

opponents during matches, this student athlete has maintained a

balanced life brimming with accomplishments. Still, she has managed

to keep her composure, maintain elevated academic and on the court

and preserves a competitive edge. As a junior, Bauer will have

another season after this one to further define her talent as a Ram

and give precise meaning to her role on the court.

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