To the editor:

Oct 212004

Opening up my Collegian on Thursday, I was happy to find this

week’s issue of Sports Illustrated On Campus. The insert is usually

an interesting and entertaining read and a great asset to the

Collegian’s content each week. I was even more excited to see the

“Roadtrip: Colorado State University” headline on page eight of

this week’s SI On Campus. That was until I took a closer look at

the article.

The “Roadtrip” section, from what I can remember from past

issues, almost always focuses on the positive aspects of a game-day

weekend at a large university. Fans, traditions, town hotspots and

well-known alumni are usually featured, painting a picture of each

university’s unique sports culture.

The two-page feature on CSU had only one topic: a sobering look

at our school’s “boozing culture.” Not traditions, not school

spirit or support for the Rams, not what a great town Fort Collins

is and how lucky we are to live here. Unfortunately, our massive

over-consumption of alcohol was what stood out most about our

university. From what I understand, SI On Campus is distributed

each week to colleges all across the country. I ask the entire CSU

community, is this really what we want to be known for?

T.J. Hicks

Senior, speech communication

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