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Authors: Lauren Mattingly

Students cheering for Rams football may have more eyes watching

than they realize.

For at least 15 years, the CSU Police Department has been

videotaping CSU football fans inside and outside of Sonny Lubick

Field at Hughes Stadium.

“There is a master camera in the command post which videotapes

the crowds within the stadium. There are also roving cameras on the

concourse and parking lots,” said CSUPD Capt. Bob Chaffee.

These cameras are in place to monitor students’ behavior,

traffic flow, tailgating and encounters between police officers and


Graduate accounting student Chris Thomas was not familiar with

the monitoring system at Hughes.

“I don’t mind it as long as (CSUPD) doesn’t abuse their power.

If something really bad were to happen, some sort of check would be

in place,” Thomas said.

Chaffee said the police are not focused on students drinking in

the stadium, but rather on rowdy behavior.

“Sometimes students will complain that they got pushed by an

officer or the other way around. With the cameras, we have

documentation of not only the bad guys, but of our officers’

behavior and what really happened,” Chaffee said.

In addition to monitoring behavior and traffic flow, the cameras

have recorded people passed out in the parking lot and around the


Still, some students think the cameras are unnecessary.

“I don’t agree with the cameras. It is a violation of privacy. I

don’t think it will do much, but the students should know they are

being videotaped,” said Kira Debus, a junior business management


Louis Janke, a junior health and exercise science major,

believes the police are trying to fix a problem that may not exist.

He added that the cameras may make the students feel that they are

not trusted to behave themselves.

Despite some student concerns, Chaffee said CSUPD hopes to

implement additional cameras in the future.

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